Check out these great apps for Android and iOS phones for learning to read music and play an instrument. Learn on the go

Learning to play a musical instrument brings many benefits. Studies, carried out across the world, show that people who play the piano, guitars, and other instruments benefit greatly from doing so. These Android apps can help.

For example, children who play an instrument generally do better academically, particularly when it comes to maths and foreign languages. Musicians hear better in old age, they are also less prone to depression, and other illnesses that affect the brain.

If you are inspired to learn to play an instrument you will find the three Android phone apps covered here extremely helpful. These apps will all speed up the learning process.

The fact that you always have your phone with you means that you can always use the commute to work, or your lunch break, to learn a bit more. Studies show that learning a little and often, greatly speeds up the rate at which people learn.

Music Tutor (Sight Reading)

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Being able to sight-read music brings many benefits to the musician. It enables them to be able to play practically any tune. Generally speaking, the faster they can read the music the better able they are to replicate it faithfully.

This Music Tutor (Sight Reading) app will help you to learn this important skill as quickly as possible. It starts by teaching you how to read the music first, and can then test yourself using the built in tests.

The tests are timed. This means that you can find out how accurate you are and make sure that you are getting faster.

 Music Tutor (Sight Reading) app for Android Music Tutor (Sight Reading) app for Android


Perfect Ear – Ear Trainer

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Being able to read music is a great skill, but it is also useful to be able to play by ear. It means that you can listen to a new song, and work out how to reproduce it yourself.

Learning to play by ear is a skill that will stand you in good stead throughout your life. Studies show that exercising this skill keeps your brain healthy, and may play a role in helping you to make the most of your hearing, and continue to hear well, as you age.

The Perfect Ear – Ear Trainer app is a great way to improve your ability to recognise the rhythm, and replicate it using the built in exercises.

You will mainly use this app at home because you will need access to your instrument to test your comprehension, and practice. However, the theory sections could potentially be studied on your journey to work.

 Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer music learning app for Android Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer music learning app for Android



Price: Free with In App purchases | By: Yousician Ltd.

The Yousician app is designed to help you to learn to play more than one instrument. With this app, you can master the bass, guitar, piano and the good old Ukulele.

It is set up in a way that allows you to learn at your own pace and focus on just one instrument should you want to do so.

Video tutorials take you through each step. Once you have learnt what you need to know you can practice what you have just learnt.

This is done with the help of the built in exercises and games that you use to test your skills. In total, there are 1,500 tasks and exercises to complete.

If you want an all round music app this is probably the one to try first. It teaches you how to sight read music, playing techniques for each instrument, as well as the chords.

There is a huge library of music to practice, which means that everyone’s tastes are catered for.

Yousician Guitar, Piano and Bass app for Android

All of these apps are available for Apple and Android devices, but only Yousician currently offers a Windows phone version.

Author bio: Written by Julia Marsh. You can read more about the benefits of making music a part of your life at About Piano Lessons.



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I love! My kids have music class at school and must learn to read music. Great apps to help them study.
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