Create exercise goals in Google Calendar and it automatically marks them as done using Google Fit or Apple Health

Google Calendar is great for scheduling appointments, but it does more and you can create goals. Now the mobile app works with Google Fit and Apple Health to manage and track your fitness goals.

Getting fit requires regular exercise, but finding the time and the motivation can be a problem. All too often we don’t feel like going for a walk, run or ride, and we make excuses like we can’t fit it into our schedule.

We start off with the best of intentions, but soon give up.

The Google Calendar app can help with the motivation and scheduling. It enables you to create exercise goals and then to find time for them in your busy days to fit it in.

You tell it what exercise you want to do and how many times a week you want to do it, and it finds the best times based on your current calendar appointments.

This is useful, but you have to manually track your activities and afterwards you have to mark your activities as done. (Also useful are these best running apps to get you fit.)

Now Google Fit and Google Calendar apps will work together on Android and Google Calendar and Apple Health on the iPhone.

You can create exercise goals in Calendar, such as walking or running, and they will be automatically scheduled. When you do the activity, Google Fit or Apple Health will record the fact and Calendar marks the activity as complete.

This makes is easier to track your progress and ensure that your goals are met. Calendar also automatically adjusts if you run earlier or later than the scheduled time.

Create a goal in Google Calendar

Choose the goal you want to create, such as Exercise. Select the type of exercise from the list or use the Custom option.

 Create goals in Google Calendar on Android Create goals in Google Calendar on Android

Set the exercise frequency

How often will you exercise? Select one of the options, such as 3 times a week. Select the duration of the exercise.

 Create goals in Google Calendar on Android Create goals in Google Calendar on Android

View the schedule

Calendar automatically creates a schedule and saves it. You can see when the next exercise session is due.

 Create goals in Google Calendar on Android and they are automatically scheduled Create goals in Google Calendar on Android. Check the schedule and see what is coming up soon

With Google Fit or Apple Health, there should be no need to press the DID IT button. Calendar will read the exercise recorded in the apps and automatically mark it as done.

If you don't see this right now, you'll probably see it with the next app update. Sometimes features are rolled out in stages and some people get them before others.

If you are looking for more, try Walkmeter and Sorts Tracker.



-1 # MomJonz 2017-03-18 05:44
I've started working out, so this is a great addition to help me stay on top of my game.
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