Record outdoor activities like walking cycling and running, then analyse your performance

It is not too late to start exercising and to get fit. There are endless phone apps if you need motivating and on test are three activity tracker apps to map and track walks, rides and hikes.

Komoot - Hike & Bike GPS Maps 

Price: Free | By: komoot GMBH | Size: 50MB (installed) | Android: Varies with device

Many activity tracker apps are very similar and they focus on tracking your position and speed on or off the road. Komoot offers extra features that make it more interesting than some rival apps.

The app offers collections and it is basically activities that others have engaged in, organised by location. For example, there is Hiking in the Lush Landscapes of Scotland, Iceland - Trekking Between Glaciers and Volcanoes, Spectacular Places to Pitch Your Tent in 2017, The Pristine Beauty of UF National Parks, and many more.

 Komoot activity tracker for Android Komoot maps your route and adds photos to make an interesting trip

In each collection are a number of activities, each one with a photo and a map, and comments from people that have tried them. This is a great idea that works really well.

Komoot can also show you a number of activities around your current location. For example, press the running icon and it shows runs that people have shared nearby. Press the cycling icon and it shows bike rides, and so on. It is another brilliant feature,

You can plan tours (activities like walking, running and cycling), by setting the start and end points. You can also go straight to the map and press the record button to begin recording an activity.

When the activity is completed, it can be saved. Even this offers far more than usual and you can highlight points, save photos taken along the way, and more. The result is a growing library of your activities that are superbly presented.

Komoot is a first class app for leisure activity tracking. It is less useful for serious athletes who want to record a lot of technical information.

Walk with Map My Walk

Price: Free | By: MapMyFitness | Size: 138MB (installed) | Android: 4.1 and up

MapMyFitness has a number of apps that are all variations of the same activity tracker. There is Run With Map My Run, map My Ride GPS Cycling, MapMyDogWalk and several more.

Go to Track Workout and there’s a button to begin recording. As is usual with these apps, Walk with Map My Walk shows a map and marks your route as you move. The duration, pace and average pace are shown too.

When an activity is completed, it can be saved and it is added to your Activity Feed. This is a growing library of your walks (it will track running and cycling too). It can also show the activity of friends who have shared their own activities.

 Walk with Map My Walk tracks your walks and hikes and saves them on a map Analyse walks and hikes and show the statistics

If you are short of ideas, the app can suggest plenty of things to do in the form of walks that other users have completed. It uses your location to show routes nearby. This is a great feature for discovering places to go and activities to engage in.

The app will appeal more to fitness fanatics than casual walkers and it shows useful statistics like the distance, duration, average pace, steps, calories used, and elevation.

An activity can be analysed and this draws charts showing changes in pace, elevation and more statistics.

Paid upgrades unlock training plans, such as 5K, 10K, half marathon and full marathon.

This is a good app that provides some useful activity statistics, and also a social side with route sharing and suggestions.

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Geo Tracker - GPS Tracker

By: Ilya Bogdanovich | Price: Free | Size: 27MB (installed) | Android: Varies with device

Geo Tracker is not a social app that shows other people’s activities or suggests routes and activities. It is a means of tracking and analysing your activities. It basically tracks movement over time using GPS, so it could be used for walking, hiking, running, cycling, even horse riding.

Your route is recorded on a map with a simple tap of the record button and there are Scheme, Satellite and Terrain map types.

What is most interesting in Geo Tracker is the Statistics tab when an activity is completed. It shows the distance, maximum speed, time, average speed and average speed while moving, presumably so that stopping to take photos doesn’t ruin your pace.

 Geo Trackers records walking, running, cycling, and then analyses your performance Geo Tracker is an Android app for analysing running, walking, cycling and more

Charts of distance vs speed and speed vs time are displayed. It shows the altitude difference, vertical ascent, maximum altitude, vertical distance and vertical speed. Charts of elevation vs time and elevation vs distance are shown.

That is only half of it and there are many more statistics and charts.

The statistics and analysis are excellent for serious athletes that want to track every aspect of their activity and performance. There is more information here than you could wish for and everything is tracked and analysed. This is a great app.

The best tracker

There isn’t a best activity tracker because they are all different, and all brilliant in their own way. Komoot is for fun tracking and sharing of leisurely walks, hikes and rides.

Geo Tracker is for fitness fanatics and serious athletes that want to track and analyse performance.

Walks with map My Walk is in the middle and it has a bit of both types of activity tracker.