Discover who is using your wireless network using an Android app on your phone. Scan for intruders!

Do you know all the devices on your Wi-Fi network? Could other people be using it? These Wi-Fi scanners for Android phones tell you which devices are connected and help spot intruders. Increase your security.


Fing - Network Tools

Price: Free | By: Domotz.Ltd | Android: 4.1 and up

Fing is a free network utility that performs several functions and the main one is to scan the local wireless network and list all the devices that are found.

It tries to identify the real name of devices and so you will see Samsung Galaxy S6, Apple TV, and similar names. However, not every device has a recognisable name and then devices are labelled ‘Generic’. You need to do some detective work to find out what these are, such as switching off devices and scanning again and seeing what disappeared.

It is still a useful tool though and once you know what a device is, you can change ‘Generic’ to a more descriptive name. There is an option to detect intruders by notifying you when a new device appears on the network.

Fing is an Android app that scans the network and displays the connected devices

Fing remembers the networks you have scanned, so you can pull up the details for work, home, your neighbour’s house or wherever you scan.

A Tools tab enables you to enter an IP address or website URL and then scan for services, ping it, and use traceroute to show the path to a site.

This utility is easy to use and the information is presented in the simplest way possible. It is good for non-technical people who want to monitor their Wi-Fi network.


NetX - Network Discovery Tools

Price: Free | By: NetGEL | Android: 4.1 and up

NetX is a network scanner that will find all the devices on the network, such as phones, tablets, computers, routers and so on.

It has a Wi-Fi scan that lists all the wireless networks in the area, and you can scan within the current network to see what devices are connected. It manages to work out the name of many devices, but there may be some that are unknown - it did not seem to name iPhones, it did label them as Apple products.

There are a few tools, such as ping to check the response from devices ad websites, and a port scan to see which ports are open.

NetX is an Android app that scans the wireless network and reports the devices that are connected to it

It has a useful Connection Info screen that displays the local IP and external IP addresses, the wireless signal strength as a live scrolling chart and upload and download data transfer as a live scrolling chart. This is useful for monitoring network activity.

NetX is another great tool for monitoring the network.

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Network Scanner

Price: Free | By: First Row | Android: 3.0 and up

Network Scanner offers a similar set of features and when it is run it automatically scans the Wi-Fi network and lists all the devices it finds.

It didn’t name the devices as well as Fing and NetX, and Apple devices just showed as Apple. Fing and NetX at least listed Apple TV.

There are a few tools, such as an IP calculator, DNS lookup and Whois. Network Scanner is OK, but it is not the best tool here.

Network Scanner is an Android app that scans the network for devices and displays a report

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WiFi Inspector

Price: Free | By: LK Interactive Services | Android: 2.3 and up

WiFi Inspector kicks off by displaying network information, such as the IP address of the phone, the network speed, the DHCP server (router) ad DNS servers.

It then scans the network and lists the devices it finds. It attempts to ame the devices and is mostly successful, but it has trouble with Apple devices and you can’t tell an iPhone from an iPad from a Apple TV. They are all labelled Apple. Network Scanner has this problem too.

There aren’t any extras and that is disappointing.

WiFi Inspector for Android scans the network and shows the devices connected


IP Tools: Network Utilities

Price: Free | By: AmazingByte | Android: 4.0 and up

IP Tools scans the network and lists all the devices. It finds them all, but does not work out the friendly names for them, leaving you wondering what they are.

It lists the IP address, MAC address and manufacturer for each device, leaving it up to you to discover which devices they belong to. This is easy when you only have one Samsung device or one Apple device, but it is much harder when there are several.

The app has a very good collection of tools and there is IP info, Whois, Ping, Traceroute, Port scanner, Network connections, LAN scanner, DNS Lookup, IP calculator, and IP and Host converter.

IP Tools is an Android app that scans the Wi-Fi network for devices and lists them

This is not the best tool for discovering devices on the network, but you might find the extra tools very useful. The app is worth it for these alone.


There are some useful apps here and Fing and NetX do a reasonable job of listing the devices on the network.

However, going to my router’s home page in Chrome (just enter a router’s IP address) produces are far better list of devices. It shows the friendly name of everything - Chromecast, iPads, iPhones, Kindles, computers, and more. So I think there is room for improvement.

IP Tools is useful for its collection of extra tools and it is more than just a scanner.