Tune up and optimise your Android phone by clearing junk files and caches and closing unwanted apps. 3 free tune-up apps on test

If your Android phone is slow and short of storage space and memory, there are some great optimisers that will give it a boost. These three free ones will have your phone running like new.

In a perfect world these utilities would not be needed. However, apps have flaws and bugs that causes them to occasionally behave erratically. A bug may drive the CPU at maximum speed or use excessive memory.

I have sometimes pulled my phone from my pocket to find it really hot and it is some app that has crashed. Running an optimiser utility can solve the problem.

There is nothing you can't do in other ways. If you want to get some place you could walk, but it is faster and more convenient to go by car. In a similar way, these apps offer speed and convenience too. Lastly, they are free.

Droid Optimizer

Price: Free | By: Ashampoo | Android: 2.3 and up

Droid Optimizer is a multi-function tool from the well-known Windows software company. There is a lot in this app, but unlike similar apps, it does not have adverts.

The home screen has an information area at the top that shows the free storage space and the free memory. Tap the free space and few more details are shown. Tap the free memory and all the apps that are running are shown as icons. Tap an icon and a shortcut is created on the home screen to force quit the app. That is useful.

An App Manager lists all the installed apps and any you do not want can be uninstalled to free up storage.

 Droid Optimizer app for Android Droid Optimizer app for Android

The Clean Up function is good and there is an Auto Start Manager that shows all the apps that automatically run in the background. The app can be configured to automatically stop them.

A 1-Touch Speed Up button cleans caches and, stops background apps. You can whitelist apps to keep. It can be set to run on a schedule, such as every hour.

All these features are great, but there is one that isn’t so good. Privacy Advisor. It found 32 suspicious apps on my phone, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Photos, LinkedIn, PayPal and others. Does it expect me to delete them?

Privacy issues apart, Droid Optimizer is a good app.

Just Cleaner

Price: Free | By: LLC JustMobi | Android: 4.0 and up

Just Cleaner (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=booster.cleaner.optimizer) has an interesting home screen that displays a lot of useful information. At the top is the space usage and the RAM usage. You can see how much is used and available.

The CPU load and the device temperature is displayed. Faulty apps would show up as high CPU and temperature, so these figures are useful. The graphic in the centre combines all the information.

There is a Scan Junk button that lists apps and the storage that can be recovered. It is basically clearing caches. They will simply rebuild so any storage recovered is quickly lost again. However, it can be useful when the phone’s storage is almost full.

 Just Cleaner app for Android Just Cleaner app for Android

An Apps manager lists all the installed apps and lets you uninstall them. The Game Booster is an interesting idea. Games are added to it and when they are started, they run with higher performance. It could be useful with fast action games and is worth experimenting with.

A Battery Saver shows the apps using the most power, and a Privacy advisor rates apps according to the permissions they require. These can be viewed. Too many apps require too many permissions for it to be useful though.

Just Cleaner has an information-packed home screen and some useful cleanup functions. It also has a lot of ads.

Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner

Price: Free | By: MDroid Apps | Android: 2.3.3 and up

The home screen of Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mdroidapps.optimizer) has useful information at the top. This shows the storage space and memory used. It also shows the current CPU temperature too.

Below this display and taking up most of the screen is a list of functions and there are eight altogether.

Memory Boost lists everything that can be stopped. There are lots of services you have ever heard of and it is worrying that it wants to stop them all. They can easily be added to an exception list though.

 Mobile Optimizer app for Android Mobile Optimizer app for Android

Junk Files scans the storage for caches and big files. The big files are not selected for deletion by default, but you can view the details and manually add them.

A CPU Cooler is a bit like the Memory Boost and it quits background apps and services to lighten the load on the processor. An App Manager can be used to delete apps you don’t want.

Games can be added to the Game Booster and the idea is that you get a bit more power for the apps. The System Info functio provides lots of detailed information about the hardware and Wi-Fi.

This ad-supported app has a lot of useful features and a one-tap optimise button.


There is a lot of overlap in the functions these apps provide. They are all good and are all highly rated in the Google Play Store. Droid Optimizer is my favourite, partly because it is a clean app with no ads, and partly because it is a bit simpler.