Block text messages on your phone and stop people or companies pestering you. This example uses Android 6 on a Samsung Galaxy S6

Do you get text messages on your phone from people and companies you don’t know? Adverts, scams, phishing and other text message irritations can easily be blocked on your Android phone.

When companies and marketers get hold of your phone number, they can call you and text you with annoying messages. Usually they are trying to sell you something and you are rarely interested.

They can be blocked so you do not see the message and you don’t hear the chime from your phone notifying you of the incoming message.

Specific numbers can be blocked , but you can also block text messages based on the content. So if you keep getting fake messages saying you have won the lottery, you can block all messages containing the word ‘lottery’.

If you have fallen out with a friend or partner, or someone is pestering you with messages you don’t want to see, even bullying, you can block their number and prevent them from texting you. All it takes is a minute of your time configuring the phone settings.

There are many different phones and several different versions of Android in common use, so I cannot guarantee that the features shown here are available to everyone. However, a popular phone is used - a Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 6.

If you have a different phone or version of Android, you may be able to block messages, but the screens and menus might be slightly different. Hopefully, these steps will point you in the right direction.

If you are worried about security, see The best antivirus for Android and Lock down security and permissions on Android.


1 Open Messages settings

The Messages app on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Open the Messages app on your phone. I am using the standard default app on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Other messaging apps may have similar blocking features.

Press the More button in the top right corner and then press Settings in the menu.

2 Messages settings

Android Messages settings allow you to block messages

In the Messages settings, press Block messages.

3 Messages blocking options

The options for blocking text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S6

Press Block list. This is used for blocking numbers and contacts. We will return here afterwards and look at Blocked phrases.

4 Build the Block list

Block senders of unwanted text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S6

There are three ways to choose who or what to block.

  1. You can type in a phone number if it is one you know or have written down.
  2. You can press INBOX and then select any message you have received. This is the most useful option and when a message arrives that you do not want to see, you can come here, tap INBOX and then tap the message to block the sender.
  3. The final option is to press CONTACTS and add someone you know. This is useful if you have fallen out with a partner or friend, or if someone from work keeps pestering you.

5 Add blocked phrases

Block text messages by specifying a word or phrase

Return to the blocking options in step 3 and press Blocked phrases. You can then type in one or several words. If a message contains the word or phrase, it will be automatically blocked.

For example, if you keep getting fake messages that you have won a competition, you could add the phrase “You have won.”

If you keep getting messages about buying widgets, visiting a website or something else, just add a keyword or phrase that is always used and block it.

These blocking techniques can save you from a lot of irritation from unwanted advertisers, phishing and scams, and even bullying. Just block them!