Set up a video monitoring system in your home and watch on your phone

Set up a video surveillance system in your home for security and monitor it using your mobile phone from anywhere. See what’s happening, live on your phone no matter where you are. It’s free and easy!

Sometimes you want to know what is happening in another room in your home, such as your baby’s room or a young child’s. Are they sleeping or awake? Are they crying or happy? Do they need your attention? Is there a problem?

It is possible to set up a video camera and stream the video to your phone wherever you are, such as in the lounge watching television or in the kitchen preparing a meal. You can keep an eye on your youngsters while you get on with something else.

Video surveillance can also be used to monitor your paranoid pets at home while you are at work. is your dog going crazy and tearing up the home? Is it sleeping? What is your cat doing? Are your pets playing or fighting?

You can set up a camera to watch them while you are out or at work. Just use your phone to see them live. You can even speak to them! That might provide them with some comfort and calm them down if they look concerned.

These are just two possible scenarios where it is useful to be able to see what is happening in your home when you are busy elsewhere and there are many more.

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Set up video surveillance

So how do you set up a remote camera and watch the video stream on your phone?. It is easier than you might think.

Two devices are involved and one has the camera and it streams the video, and the other receives the video and shows it on the screen.


AtHome Video Streamer - Monitor

AtHomeVideo Streamer app for monitoring video camerasThis app is available for Android phones and tablets, the iPhone and iPad, Windows PC and Apple Mac. (

AtHome Video Streamer runs on the device with the camera and it must be positioned so that it is facing whatever it is you want to watch, your baby’s cot, dog’s bed, hamster cage, and so on.

The PC, Mac, phone or tablet must be switched on, although the screen does not have to be on. You might need to prop it up on a stand of some sort to it is facing into the room.

Start the app and it shows a live picture from the device’s camera. When you are ready, there is a button to display a QR code on the screen.


AtHome Camera - Home Security

AtHome Camera video streaming and monitoringThis app is also available for Android phones and tablets, the iPhone and iPad, Windows PC and Apple Mac.

AtHome Camera is used to view the output from AtHome Video streamer. To set it up, you point the camera at the QR code on the other device. The two are connected and the other device’s video stream is displayed.

It works over local networks, over the internet, over 3G/4G, and so on. It just works.


Monitor your home

I put the AtHome Video Streamer on an iPad Air running iOS 10 and the AtHome Camera on a Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 6. However, almost any combination of devices works - PC, phone and tablet.

AtHome Video Streamer app video monitoring and surveillance

Just remember to run different apps on each device. One app sends video and the other receives it.


Video monitoring features

There are many useful features and the audio is transmitted as well as the video, so you can hear what is going on. This is useful for baby monitoring, or for checking why your dog is barking for example. You can also hold down a button to speak.

 AtHome Camera video monitoring on Android AtHome Camera video monitoring on Android

There are a couple of video quality settings to choose from. There is an option to capture the screen and you can record the video and save it. There is motion detection so the app wakes up when something happens in front of the camera.

You can switch between the front and back cameras on the remote device from your phone.

AtHome Camera video monitoring and surveillance on Android

There is a lot more to this app and paid upgrades for various features. However, all the basic features work for free with just an ad or two in the app.

This video monitoring is so easy to set up, anyone can do it.

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