It's not too late to get some help with your studies and there are plenty of apps for your phone and tablet that look like they might be useful, so which ones should you choose? Here are some great suggestions.

How fascinating were those days when we used to wake up to our mom’s soft kisses. We used to brush our teeth with eyes half-shut and forced to gobble down that big glass of milk in the morning. The sight of our friends cheered us up and we waved our parents goodbye. Those were the nostalgic school day memories.

Each grown up wants to revisit these memories. Not because they were good memories, but because they were the best memories of their life. Undoubtedly, if time travel would have been possible, people would have given anything to relive their childhood, especially their schooldays. Just because they were awesome, weren’t they?

When today’s youth were toddlers, technology wasn’t that advanced. The only methods of assistance were parents, elder siblings or alternatively, tutors. Students back then used to manage almost all of their workload on their own simply because of the absence of significant problem-solving tools.

But today’s generation is fortunate in this regard. In today’s content-driven world, people cater to the needs of practically every age group. And in this context, the student community has been patronized as well. There are a plethora of tools using which they can access to get solutions to their problems.

The platforms of Android and iOS offer many apps that have been crafted and tailored especially for the students. And some of these apps are really making a name for themselves.

Let us have a look at the 5 best Android apps that are getting positive responses from the student world.

1 The world in a nutshell - Wikipedia

Platform: Android/iOS | Price: Free

 Wikipedia, the encyclopedia for Android Wikipedia, the encyclopedia for Android

The world’s biggest treasure trove of knowledge. Practically the whole world resides in the millions of trillion databases of Wikipedia. This world encyclopedia has portals pertaining to everything. And by everything, it’s meant literally.

Do you have an assignment? Search for it on Wikipedia. Need information on some particular event? Wikipedia is there. Have nothing to do, but you love to gather knowledge? Wikipedia is just for you.

From a child who needs some help in writing 10 lines about the moon to a selenologist, Wikipedia caters to everyone.

2 No writing, just recording - Soundnote

Platform: iOS | Price: $4.99

Do you feel lectures are boring, but need to be jotted down to get good grades? And even after having such responsible thoughts, you can’t help yourself from sleeping?

Don’t worry, each and every student has faced this. And now there is an app out there which has got your back. Soundnote is a wonderful app that lets you record your lectures, jot down important details and even if you sleep, you have the lecture with you. Soundnote has your back, Cheers!!

And for all the junk haters who like to keep their phone space free, a one-hour audio recording of high quality costs you around only 25 MB space. So way to go guys. And yes, it is not good manners to sleep in your lectures….psst… all true students do.

3 The Star Trek Computer - Wolfram Alpha

Platform: Android/iOS | Price: $2.99 (Android), $4.99 (iOS)

Yes, the Star Trek computer. This is exactly what the company is advertising. And they are really keeping up to their claims.

It has an ocean of knowledge that is simply overwhelming for a student. Ranging from elementary mathematics to the difficult concepts of physics. From the daunting world of technology to the all ruling domain of economics, Wolfram Alpha proves to have the master key for any problem.

And rumors have it, that Wolfram Alpha answers even those who returned empty-handed from Google. Seriously Star Trek stuff.

4 If this is the question, I am the solution- Photomath

Platform: Android/iOS | Price: Free

 Photomath, the Android app that does your maths Photomath, the Android app that does your maths

Every student had this fantasy. To upload their question somewhere and to get its solution. This fantasy has just been made a reality.

Photomath, a sensational app is every kid’s dream app. You just need to point the camera to the problematic question and within a few seconds, you will get the solution. The success rate of this app is fairly high however it has a catch. The question needs to be printed in a textbook. A handwritten one won’t be accepted.

5 To buy or not to buy, that is the question- Chegg

Platform: Android/iOS | Price: Free to download (rental charges)

Ever wondered what to do with the previous semester books that are obsolete? And on top of that, you need more money to buy a new set of textbooks for the new semester. “Oh man! So many Expenses! I wish I could have asked for the money from your parents but saved to spend on something else.” Same pinch.

To solve all of these problems, Chegg is here. Our friendly neighborhood rental agency that can rent out books to you for semester basis. And not only this, it can buy back your obsolete books because it caters to the needs of every class and course.

So after all, you could save your pocket money to go for a movie night with your girl. Thank Chegg for that. A phenomenal app with a marvelous concept. Use it, and you will fall in love with it. And your girl, with you. Happy Chegging!

Some other honorable mentions

Cam Scanner: To scan notes and assignments and to instantly convert them into PDF.

Udemy: A utility app that offers various courses just like a pocket university.

Duolingo: A must-have app if you are a foreign student.

Andiegraph: A sophisticated scientific calculator that gives you graphs and curves as well.

Google Drive: Like an online hard disk, you and store lots of data in it and the system of Google Docs, Sheets is like an icing on the cake.

The world of academics demands lots of work, agreed, but this is the phase of life which you’ll always remember. Your school days and your college days will always be etched in your memories as golden hours spent with loved ones.

Enjoy this phase of your life to the fullest. You won’t realize how soon you’ll outlive this phase. Enjoy, and work smart. Cheers!

Author bioShruthi PK is a freelance writer experienced in Content Writing, advertising and public relations, Social media management.