Clean up your Android phone's storage to free up space. Optimise the memory and kill apps and tasks in the background for better battery life and faster charging

Many people struggle with the amount of storage on their phones and there is never enough. What can you do? One option is a free clean-up and tune-up tool like Avast Cleanup & Junk Cleaner.

There are many Android optimisers and I took a quick look at several in a roundup here.

A search for these type of tools at the Google Play Store produces a long list of apps and it is a popular category.

Avast is well known as a security company that has free and paid antivirus software for Windows PCs. The company also produces a collection of apps and Avast Cleanup & Junk Cleaner is available in free and subscription forms.

The free app has ads, but subscribing for £4.09 a year removes them (tap the Upgrade Free Trial button for this). It also adds several extra features like automatic cleaning

Clean up the phone’s storage

The home screen shows the amount of used storage space on the phone and also a Safe clean button. Press it and it lists the items that can be cleaned, such as caches, APKs (app installation files), residual files left over when apps are deleted, and image thumbnails.

You won’t miss any of these and they can be safely deleted. Caches fill up again as apps are used, so not all of the space savings are permanent. The amount of storage recovered varies from phone to phone.

 Avast Cleanup for Android frees up storage space Avast Cleanup for Android frees up device memory

If you have never run a tune-up and clean-up tool before, the savings can be good, but if you regularly clean up then the savings are not great.

Boost memory on the phone

A memory booster lists all the apps and services that are running in the background as tiles. It is surprising how much is going on behind the scenes. If there are items you want to keep, they can be deselected.

Tapping the Boost now button kills all the selected tasks and frees up memory.

Boost the phone battery

Killing all the unnecessary apps and services has an additional benefit and it will prolong battery life. The less work the phone has to do, the longer the battery will last.

There is also an option to kill background apps and tasks when the battery charger is plugged in. This helps to speed up battery charging by reducing the load on the CPU, which then requires less battery power.

Transfer files to cloud storage

Avast Cleaner is able to connect to the three most popular online storage services, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. When you do this, there is an option to move files to the online storage to free up space on the phone.

 Avast Cleanup can move files to cloud storage to free up space on the phone Avast Cleaner can shrink photo sizes after uploading originals to cloud storage

This is a great feature and it works with photos, audio, videos, documents and other files. Photos can be uploaded and replaced by lower resolution ones on the phone. This means you can still view your photographs on the device, but a lot of free space is gained by reducing the file sizes.

The originals are stored online and can always be accessed through the Google, Microsoft and Dropbox apps, synced to your computer or accessed in a browser.


Do you need a cleanup tool? It all depends on how much storage your phone has and how much is free. It can be a life saver when the storage is full and no more music, photos or videos can be taken.

The option to move files to the cloud is a useful feature that not all rivals have. You could do this without the app, of course, but the app makes it easier. Avast Cleanup & Junk Cleaner is recommended.

Title: Avast Cleanup & Junk cleaner
Price: Free (optional subscription to unlock extra features)
Developer: Avast Software
Android: Varies with device
Verdict: A good and useful cleanup tool for freeing storage and memory