Do you read ebooks? If you do, you are one of an increasing number of people that have switched to electronic books and are helping to save the rain forests. Not everyone reads ebooks because they are saving trees and there are probably carbon emissions associated with internet servers and ebook readers too. It's simply convenient to carry a library of books on a small electronic device that can be held in one hand and carried in a pocket or bag.

There are several apps for reading ebooks, but one of the most popular is Kindle and this Amazon app is available everywhere - on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad and computers.

The Kindle app runs fine on Samsung phones and tablets and you can buy and download ebooks from Amazon and read them easily enough, so why would Samsung produce a custom Kindle for Samsung app?

It is a bit of a mystery, but Samsung often duplicates existing apps, such as the Music app when there is Google Play Music, Samsung has its own version of Google Play Store, S Planner is like Google Calendar and so on.

Run Samsung Apps on your Samsung Android phone or tablet and you'll find Kindle for Samsung in the store. It's free and if you can't find it, use the search facility.

Samsung Kindle . Kindle for Samsung

It is so similar to the regular Kindle for Android app that it is hard to find any differences. There are a few minor changes to the order of items on the menu, and that's it. The only significant difference is that every month you can choose a free book. There is currently a choice of four. I don't know whether this will change and we will have to wait and see.

Kindle for Samsung . Kindle for Samsung

The free books this month weren't my cup of tea and they seemed aimed at the teen girl market whereas I like spy thrillers and sci-fi. Seven Kinds of Hell is about Zoe Miller, a young female werewolf, Asylum Harbor is about Amber Knowles, a high school senior, and so on.

Samsung's app is so similar to the regular Kindle app that there's no reason not to use it. It syncs with your Amazon account and all your purchased books are there in the library waiting to be read. The addition of a free book each month only makes it better. This doesn't replace the Kindle app and you can have both Amazon and Samsung apps on the phone or tablet at the same time.