3 free Android phone apps to monitor your website and alert you when it goes down. They are essential tools for anyone with a website or blog

If you have a website or blog, what’s the worst thing that can happen? The server going down must rank pretty high. These 3 free apps for Android phones will tell you the minute it happens.

Websites sometimes go offline. Sometimes for no apparent reason at all and it is almost never because of anything you did. It just happens.

Sometimes you can mess up a server when making changes or installing updates of course, but mostly web server problems are out of your control. You go to your website one day and you just get an error message in the browser window. Your immediate thoughts are:

  • How long has the site been down?
  • When did it go down?
  • When will it be fixed?
  • What can you do to get it up and running again?

The first two questions can be answered by the three apps here and by monitoring the health of your website or blog, they can tell you the minute it stops working. They will alert you with a notification too.

If you know your site is not working you can then set about fixing it. For example, you might be able to log in to the hosting admin and access cpanel and see what the problem is, but more often than not, fixing it involves discussions with your web hosting company’s technical support.

The apps can’t help you with that, but they do minimise the time the site is offline.

Without a website uptime monitoring service you might not realise for hours or even days that your site is not working. You would have to check it manually by going to the site in a browser. With an uptime monitor you will know in minutes when it goes offline.

Website monitoring tools are essential for anyone with a website. This site uses Bluehost, in case you were wondering. They offer some cheap deals if you're looking for a web host. Check it out (affiliate link).


Server & Website Monitor

Price: Free | By: Breet.Jia | Size: 29MB | Android: 4.1 and up

Server & Website Monitor is a useful app that can be used to monitor one or more websites. It’s not clear what the limit is, but it should easily deal with a dozen or more. It comes with monitors for Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Google DNS servers already set up as examples.

Your first task is to delete them and add your own websites or servers, such as a web server, email server, DNS server, FTP server, or VPN server, http or https. All that is required is the URL.

There is a contact manager in the app and you can define a contact person for each site that is monitored. This could be your web host tech support or the admin for your site if it is someone other than you.

 Website & Server Monitor app for Android monitors your web server or blog Website & Server Monitor app for Android monitors your web server or blog

The sites and servers are checked according to a timer that is in the app settings. It can be anything from one second to one day. You will want to set it quite low, such as every 5 or 10 minutes, but not so low that it burdens the app or server.

Select a site being monitored and the response time in milliseconds is displayed on a chart. The time taken to respond shows when the site is running slowly or not at all.

A pie chart shows errors, normal operation and connection timeouts. Sites can also be displayed on line and bar charts.

This is a useful free app that is an alternative to paid website monitoring services. It is great for people that don’t need to dive into detailed server information and just want to know if their site is working or not.


Uptime Robot

Price: Free | By: Uptime Robot | Size: 13MB | Android: 4.1 and up

Uptime Robot is an Android app for the website of the same name (www.uptimerobot.com) and it enables you to access your free or paid online account. This is useful for when you are away from your computer and only have your mobile phone with you.

I looked at Uptime Robot over at the RAW Computing site.

Monitors can be added either at the website using your PC or Mac, or in the app itself. Up to 50 are supported with a free account, which is very generous.

Websites can be added by entering the URL and a contact person can be added who can be alerted when a fault is detected. The minimum time between checks is 5 minutes with a free account, which is fine for most people. It can check more often with a paid account.

Uptime Robot Android app for monitoring twebsite uptime Uptime Robot Android app for monitoring twebsite uptime

An unusual feature of Uptime Robot is the ability to monitor a keyword appearing at a specific URL. There are options to alert you when it appears or disappears. This could be used to check for news, products going on or off sale, and so on. Any event that can be identified by a keyword in a web page can be monitored.

Tapping a monitor displays information about it. This includes information like the number of hours elapsed since the last problem and the percentage uptime in the last 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.

A chart of the last 12 hours response time of the site can be displayed. This enables you to see when it slowed down, which could have been due to a server problem or too many people visiting the site.

The app maintains a list of events, such as the time and date when a site went down, when it came back up, and how long it was offline.

This is a great service and a good app. You don’t need to be a geek to understand it and it works well.


Web & Server Monitor Site24x7

Price: Free | By: Zoho Corp. | Size: 18MB | Android: Varies with device

Web & Server Monitor Site24x7 is an app for users of the Site24x7 website (www.site24x7.com). Sign up for an account at the website and then you can sign into the app using your username and password.

The website makes it seem like only paid subscription accounts are available, but you can sign up for a free trial and when it expires, your account is downgraded to a free one. Free accounts can monitor up to five websites.

I looked at Site24x7 over at the RAW Computing site.

Monitors can be added at the website or from within the app. Internet services, servers, cloud servers, virtualisation and other items can be monitored. Choose to add a server monitor and there is a choice of a server monitor, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD or OS X server monitors and so on. It's a comprehensive list of options.

 Site24x7 website monitoring app for Android phones Site24x7 website monitoring app for Android phones

All the different types of monitors have equally complex lists of options. This is a pro tool with tons of features, so it can be a bit daunting if you are just an ordinary blogger wanting to monitor your website.

Tap a monitor and the details are displayed. A pie chart shows the availability, downtime and so on. A chart shows the response time in milliseconds so you can see if the site went through periods where it was slow to respond.

There are 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 6 months views.

Not every feature of the web service is available in the phone app, but Site24x7 provides what you need - notifications of problems and monitoring of your site’s health.