Replace the standard Android lock screen with a new and more exciting one. Customise your Android phone with these free lock screen apps

Is the lock screen on your phone boring? Would you like a different one? There are lots of free apps in the Google Play Store that replace the lock screen. Here are four great freebies to try.

Every phone has a lock screen, but it probably isn’t the best that is possible. In fact, the stock lock screen on some Android phones are really boring.

My own phone has tiny buttons for entering the PIN code and I often hit the wrong one with my fat thumbs. Alternative lock screens solve the problem by providing brilliant images, alternative keypads and shortcuts to your favourite apps or settings.

There are dozens of lock screen apps in the store and here are four that caught my eye when browsing them.

Keypad Lock Screen

Price: Free | By: YadavApp | Android: 4.0 and up

Keypad Lock Screen is a simple app that replaces the normal lock screen on your Android phone.

There are three unlock options and there is the zero security swipe to unlock, a four-digit PIN and a pattern where you drag your finger around a 3 x 3 grid of dots in any order you want.

Sound and vibration effects are optional and a simple on/off switch lets you choose between this lock and the standard system lock. The clock at the top can be displayed in 12 or 24 hour formats.

 Keypad Lock Screen app for Android phones Keypad Lock Screen app for Android phones

A small collection of wallpaper images is provided and you can easily select the one you want.

There is also an option to choose a photo from your photos library, so anything you snap with your camera could be used on the lock screen. Obviously a photo shot in portrait mode would be best.

Unfortunately the adverts are irritating. Not only are they in the app itself, but also when the phone is unlocked. They fill the screen and are on a timer, so you cannot ignore them or skip them. There doesn’t appear to be a paid upgrade to remove them.

If you can stomach the ads, Keypad Lock Screen is a simple, but attractive alternative to the standard lock screen.

Lock Screen

Price: Free | By: Green Banana Studio | Android: 3.0 and up

There are two Lock Screen apps and one provides the PIN locking method and the other lets you connect the dots using a pattern.

This is bizarre, why are there two apps? They should be two options within one Lock Screen app.

The features are very limited and after setting the four-digit PIN to unlock the phone, the only other thing you can do is select the wallpaper.

 Lock Screen replaces the lock screen on Android phones Lock Screen replaces the lock screen on Android phones

The app contains quite a good collection of images and there are over 26 to choose from. They are excellent, but there is also an option to choose a photo from your phone. Any snapshot will do, so you can easily personalise the lock screen.

There are ads and some of them are full screen, but it is less annoying than Keypad Lock screen.

Lock Screen OS10

Price: Free | By: HenryOsTeam | Android: 4.0 and up

Lock Screen OS10 is one of 10 lock screen utilities from the same developer. They are all very similar and the one thing that stands out most is the wallpaper collection. I didn’t try all the apps, but a couple I did try seemed the same except for the images.

This lock screen app offers more features than the previous two that were tested. It is designed to look similar to an iPhone lock screen and it does. After settings a four-digit PIN code to unlock the phone, you can select from a small collection of wallpaper images. There are around 10 and they are pretty good.

The text “Slide to unlock” can be replaced with your own message, so you could personalise it with your name “Hello Bob!” or perhaps misdirect people “Tap 3 times to unlock.” The text colour can be selected too.

 Lock Screen OS10 is an Android lock screen replacement Lock Screen OS10 is an Android lock screen replacement

Vibration and sound can accompany unlocking, the screen can show a 12 or 24 hour clock, and the phone status bar at the top can be shown or hidden.

An icon for the phone’s camera can be placed on the lock screen, so you can quickly take photos without unlocking it.

The app is ad-supported, but they are less irritating than some of the other apps. The features are good and the images are excellent. I like this lock screen app. See the developer’s other apps for different wallpaper collections.

Lock Screen & AppLock Security

Price: Free | By: Fotoable | Android: 4.0 and up

Lock Screen & AppLock Security is brilliant fun and this is because it is more than a lock screen utility. It is a lock screen designer. The customisation options are amazing and you can create your own unique lock screens.

The app provides around 40 lock screen templates and in each one is a region where a photo can be displayed. For example, there is an ice cube, a heart, a bottle, a crystal ball, a light bulb, a polaroid photo and many more.

You select a template and then select a photo from your camera album. The resulting lock screen image is superb and unique to you.

There is also an impressive collection of wallpaper images organised into categories like scenic, starry sky, plant, portrait, animal and others.

 Lock Screen & AppLock Security app for Android Lock Screen & AppLock Security app for Android

There is also a selection of buttons for entering the PIN code and you can replace the numbers with photos chosen from your camera album. You could include your best friends, pets or whatever, and replace the 0 - 9 digits with their faces. It’s crazy, but fun.

In the settings are options to set the time format and to add sounds. The unlock swipe can be horizontal or vertical. The app can be given permission to access notifications and this enables it to show them on the lock screen.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and a panel appears that is in some ways similar to the one that is on an iPhone. There is a Wi-Fi button, screen brightness slider, torch, calculator and buttons to access your favourite apps.

This is an excellent app. The ads don’t get in the way and there is a paid upgrade to remove them. Lock Screen & AppLock Security is recommended.