Sometimes you see things in the Google Play Store that you want, but haven't the money or time right now. Here's how to add them to a wishlist, on your Phone, manage your wishlist and buy items off it later.

It is fun browsing the Google Play Store on your Android phone and finding great apps, music, videos and books to download, but if you don’t have time right now, add them to a wishlist.

A wishlist is simply a list of things you want, but for one reason or another, you don’t want them right now. There are several reasons for putting thing off till later, such as:

  • You don’t have the money to buy the item right now, such as a new music album, recently released movie, or app.
  • You don’t have the space for an app and need to clear out some of the junk on your phone before downloading it.
  • You want to finish the current game before downloading a new one.
  • The battery is running out and you don’t want to waste it downloading and installing something.

There are other reasons and a wishlist let you put off purchases and free downloads until you are ready. Lets see how to add items to your wishlist.

Open Google Play Store

What will you add to your wishlist? Open the Google Play Store and see what’s new or interests you. It may be an app, music, a book or movie.

Here I found a music album I intend to buy, but for reasons that will become clear later, I don’t want to buy it just yet. Wishlists are not just for purchases and you can add free items too. Press the Wishlist button, here it's on the right just under the image.

 The Google Play Store on an Android phone A music album in the Google Play Store


View your wishlist

Any number of items can be added to your wishlist, so keep browsing the store if you want and find more items to save.

Press the menu button in the top left corner of the app, scroll down a bit and select Wishlist. All your items are displayed, so you might have a mixture of apps, music, movies and books.

Press a tile to go to the item page if you want to read the description and see the artwork again.

Press the three dots to display a menu. There is always a Remove from wishlist menu item, but the other menu item depends on the type of item. If the item is a free app, there is an Install option. If the item is a free book, there is an Add to library option.

 The menu in the Google Play Store app Your wishlist in the Google Play Store app on Android phones


Buy wishlist items

Free items can be added, downloaded or installed, but paid items will show the price. Press the Buy option when you are ready to buy it.

 Buy items on your Google Play Store wishlist Google Opinion Rewards app on Android

I am not quite ready to buy the album yet, which is why it is on my wishlist. I am saving up my Google Opinion Rewards until I have enough to buy it. I think another three or four surveys could get my balance up to the £7.99 I need to buy the album. What’s better than free stuff from Google?

Here’s an article on Google Opinion Rewards, which is great for earning money by answering short, sometimes two-question, surveys.