Word Cloud is a free Android app that enables you to generate word clouds and save them to Google Drive or other online storage ready to be used in your presentations, reports, web posts.

Do you like word clouds? These are interesting graphical images that are made from a jumble of related words in different fonts and colours. Use this free Android app to make them on your phone.

Word Cloud for Android packs in a lot of features and it has everything you need to create impressive word clouds for your slide presentations, articles and reports, and web posts.

Word clouds are visually attractive and they can provide a point of interest for whatever you want to use them in. I made one for the featured image at the top of this page in just a couple of minutes on my phone.

They can contain keywords that highlight important points in an article or presentation, they can break up dull text, and they grab people’s attention.

It is not a good idea to use them everywhere and they can become tiresome when they are overused. However, when you are struggling to find an illustration for a report, presentation or article, they can fill a gap.

Build a word list

A word cloud is displayed on the screen when the app starts and your first task is to replace the words with your own. Tap WORDS in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen (It slides left and right to reveal more tools).

The existing words can be cleared by using the menu in the top right corner. Then you can enter your own words. You don’t need a lot and around 10 will do. I added a bunch of words related to this article.

 Word Cloud for Android home screen. Generate a word cloud image Add words to Word Cloud for Android and generate a word cloud image


Colours and shapes

Returning to the main screen, you can tap COLOR and choose a colour scheme for your word cloud.

There are ready made colour palettes at the bottom and you can swipe through them and select one, or you can create your own by selecting the colours you want. This enables you to match the colours with your slideshow, articles and so on.

The word cloud does not have to be square or rectangular, although they can be if you want. Press SHAPE on the toolbar on the home screen and there are several collections of shapes, each containing many shapes. Some shape collections are plain, but others contain fun shapes including fun ones like thumbs up, smiley faces, and many more.

 Word Cloud for Android colour selection screen. Generate a word cloud image Word Cloud for Android mask selection. Generate a word cloud image


Select the fonts and save it

A collection of fonts is provided and these are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Swiping left and right reveals them all and each font can be toggled on or off. You can have as many fonts as you want and they are used at random in the image. They don’t have names, but the selection is adequate.

There is an option to save the finished word cloud image to the phone, but the sharing options are best.

The usual Android sharing options are available and they depend on the apps installed. You can, for example, save the image directly to Google Drive ready to use in a slideshow or document. You could save it to other online storage too.

 Word Cloud for Android font selection screen. Generate a word cloud image Word Cloud for Android. Save or share the word cloud image

Word clouds can be saved in the app and there is a file manager that displays thumbnails. It can be used to browse, load or delete the saved word clouds. This is a great app and is recommended.

App: Word Cloud
Price: Free
By: Smart Puffin
Size: 14.5MB installed
Android: 5.0 and up
Verdict: This is a very useful tool for creating word cloud images