Earn money from apps on your Android phone by answering surveys, watching ads, installing apps, and more

Have you heard about the mobile apps that enable you to earn money answering a few simple questions in surveys? You are paid to answer ridiculously easy questions on your phone! Try it!

There are several apps for Android phones that enable you to earn money by answering survey questions and it is worth adding them to your app collection.

They are not get-rich-quick schemes and you will not be able to give up your day job. However, they can earn you a little extra cash which you can then use to treat yourself in a variety of ways.

It is wise to be skeptical of apps that claim to make you money. How easy is it? Your earnings might be so low you never earn enough to make it worthwhile. Will you get paid? You might not get paid in real money and you could get vouchers, perhaps for things you have no interest in.

It could even be a scam and after giving up a lot of time and personal information, you get nothing or very little in return.

I would advise looking at the number of users, rating and reviews left in the store before installing any money-making app on your phone. Be cautious, but with the right apps it can be a worthwhile experience.

Google Opinion Rewards

Price: Free | By: Google | Size: 9MB (installed) | Android: 4.03 and up

I have written about Google Opinion Rewards before, so read the full page review here. I recently updated it to show that I had earned enough money to buy a new music album from the Google Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards works, although it works very slowly. Surveys can be as short as a single question, but payment is low. However, after six months you will have earned enough to buy a book, game or movie from the Google Play Store. It is recommended.

Google Opinion Rewards app home screen 



Price: Free | By: Survey Sampling Intl. LLC | Size: 50MB (installed) | Android: 4.1 and up

It was my success with Google Opinion Rewards that got me wondering whether there were similar apps and a search of the Google Plasy Store turned up QuickThoughts. This app has 1 - 5m installs and nearly 60,000 ratings giving it an average score of 4.1/5.

You first have to create an account and provide a fair bit of information about yourself, such as your name, address, age, annual household income, which pets you have, how many children and so on.

Once everything is set up, the home screen has a search button to enable you to see if a survey fits you. Some might not. There might be a survey for dog owners for example and you might not have a dog.

If there is a survey, you are told how much you will earn and how long it will take. Questions are asked and you either have to select one of several options or type something in. I found the interface a bit unresponsive and it took a slow deliberate press to select items, but it wasn’t a problem.

My first survey was an easy one and I earned £0.50 (US $0.64). That is pretty good for answering a few questions about the health of my cat.

After earning money answering surveys, what can you do with it? You can purchase Amazon Gift Cards. I have only just started using this app and have only earned a little so far, but I will report back when I have enough to buy a gift card. It looks promising.

 QuickThoughts app for Android home screen 



Price: Free | By: PocketBounty | Size: 40MB (installed) | Android: 4.03 and up

PocketBounty is not specifically a survey app and it provides a wide range of activities. According to the blurb on the Google Play Store “You can make your first $5 in less than 5 minutes.” I earned $0.02. It's not that the claim is wrong, it depends on what you are willing to do for money.

The app home screen lists various opportunities to earn coins, which is the app’s own currency. Between 10 and 30 are earned every day just by opening the app. Get a friend to sign up and you earn 100 coins or more when they use your referral ID.

Complete surveys and you can earn various amounts of coins and I saw some for 270. You can take an online quiz for coins. You can watch adverts for apps and earn a few coins for each one. More coins can be earned for downloading and installing apps. A lot of coins can be earned by playing games and getting up to a certain level or by connecting your Facebook account in them.

Large numbers of coins, up to 15,000, can be earned by signing up for online betting and casino websites, and other services.

When you have earned a few thousand coins you can exchange them for PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards or Google Play gift cards. With 5300 coins you can get $5 paid through PayPal, with 10,000 coins you can get a $10 Google Play gift card, and 5300 coins can be exchanged for a $5 Amazon gift card.

Some people might like this app and you could earn quite a lot, but it is not for me. It all depends on how much you like the offers and they just weren’t things I was interested in.

 PocketBounty for Android home screen PocketBounty for Android showing all the activities for which you can earn coins



There are several apps for earning money on your phone and of the ones I tried, I like Google's because it is so quick and easy. It sometimes requires no more than 30 seconds of your time. QuickThoughts looks promising and paid well for the first survey I got.

Apps like PocketBounty appealed to me less because of the adverts and activities you must perform to earn money.

Another app like PocketBounty that I tried was Cash Gift - Free Gift Cards, but it wouldn't run without permission to access my contacts and make and manage phone calls. I wasn't happy with this, but the app is very popular on the Google Play Store and has 200k 5-star ratings, so try it if you are OK with the permissions.