WarFriends review: battle other players for control of the battlefield in this wargame for Android and iOS. Fun cartoon-style 3D graphics and action.

WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game is exactly that and you and your squad of soldiers meet other players on the battlefield with the aim of wiping out your opponent. It’s for Android and iOS.

I played WarFriends on a Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 7, but you can find it in the iOS app store too. The game begins by running through a tutorial and it shows you the basic moves, such as dodging enemy fire, using weapons, deploying soldiers and so on. There aren’t many moves and you will quickly pick up the game.

There are a series of small battlefields, such as desert, building yard, city, jungle and so on, and you are on one side while the enemy is on the other. There are always several objects to hide behind and swiping left and right makes your character run across your end of the battlefield from one hiding place to another. Sometimes this is necessary because the object is blown apart by enemy fire, but it can also confuse the enemy too.

Extra battlefields are unlocked as you gain skills and win battles, so every now and then there is a new scenario to master, fresh graphics and new tactics to learn.

WarFriends game for Android home screen

The enemy is always directly in front of you and he and his squad take cover behind similar objects to you. You have a gun and grenades to begin with and with a tap your character can step from behind the object shielding him and take a pot shot at the enemy and his soldiers or lob a grenade at them.

You have a small squad of soldiers with different strengths at your command and these can be deployed to help you smoke out the bad guys or protect you while you take shots at them. They can be directed to a degree or they can be automatically deployed.

WarFriends Android game app

Extra weapons can be obtained in the game as you progress from battle to battle and the sniper rifle is a useful one. It enables you to zoom in on the enemy’s position using the telescopic sights and when he pops out to take a shot at you, bang! A few hits like that and he’s dead. There are many more weapons to collect and each has its strengths and weaknesses, such as firepower, reload time, and so on.

Both the weapons and the soldiers in your squad can be upgraded to become more deadly and as you progress, the upgrades cost more and take longer to deliver. At first though, weapons can be upgraded in a few minutes. It takes game money to upgrade and of course, you can speed things up with real money, but if you are patient you can play for free.

WarFriends app for Android on the battlefield

WarFriends doesn’t have a great deal of depth, but the battles in which you have to beat your enemy within a short time limit are quick and entertaining. You can join with other people in squads, like alliances in other games, challenge friends, play ranked battles, join leagues, see your position on leaderboards and so on.

The graphics are 3D cartoon-style with big heads on small bodies, and the 3D battlefields are nicely drawn. The home screen has a 3D parallax effect that shifts as you move the phone, which is great. There are daily assignments to carry out, targets to meet, free gifts, bonuses for various tasks and so on.

This is a fun game for those occasions where you are stuck with nothing to do at the bus stop train station and so on. You can get your phone out and have a quick battle. It is recommended.

WarFriends battle game for Android

App: WarFriends: PvP Shooter game
Price: Free, with in-app-purchases
By: Chillingo
Size: 294MB installed
Android: 4.1 and up
Verdict: A simple, but entertaining wargame in which you battle other players