Kaspersky Password Manager lets you store passwords, notes and financial information securely on your phone. Lock them up to prevent unauthorised access.

It is impossible to remember all the passwords that websites, services and apps require these days and a password manager is essential. Kaspersky Password Manager is free for Android and iOS.

Kaspersky needs little introduction and it is one of the biggest and best security companies and it is well known for producing excellent antivirus software on Windows PCs. The company also has an antivirus app for Android phones too.

Kaspersky Password Manager & Secure Wallet Keeper to give it its full name, is a free app in the Google Play Store, but it is called simple Kaspersky Password Manager in the iOS store. It enables you to securely store the login details for websites and apps, credit card and bank details and notes.

It is free, but with limitations design to push you towards buying the full version, which costs UK £10.49. That is actually quite a good price for a password manager, especially when you bear in mind that it works across all devices and computers.

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The app requires you to have a Kaspersky account and this is free and can be created if you do not already have one. The reason for this is so the passwords and other information can be synced across devices and accessed using a web browser on your computer.

In the free version of the app you can store up to 15 passwords for websites or apps. That isn’t very many and most people need a lot more than this. However, you could just store your 15 most used websites and passwords if you really don't want to pay.

 Kaspersky Password Manager on Android - set a master password Kaspersky Password Manager on Android menu sidebar
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The menu button opens a sidebar menu in the usual Android fashion these days and there are Websites, Apps, Identities and Notes menu options.

Press Websites and you can begin adding entries. These store the URL, username, password and comment. Once you have added some, selecting Websites lists them and tapping a site enables you to copy the username or password, or tap a button to open a browser with the URL.

It is simple, but effective and it is easy to store your web logins. Mobile browsers don’t allow the integration you get with desktop computers, so it cannot automatically capture login details. It must be done manually, however, login details captured elsewhere will get synced to the app.

There does not appear to be a limit on the notes that can be created and the app stores them securely. A couple of taps from the home screen is all it takes to get to them and there are options to create them, delete them and edit them.

 Kaspersky Password Manager on Android Kaspersky Password Manager on Android
Screenshots are disabled for security reasons - these are photos

Given the limitation of 15 logins for free, you could store the extra login details in secure notes. Either put them all in one note or use separate notes for them. As with login details, there is a button to copy notes to the clipboard. The clipboard is cleared after 30 seconds for security reasons. Alternatively, don’t be mean and buy the full app.

The app stores identities and this enables you to store three things: Credit cards, bank accounts and general information. Only one identity is allowed in the free app, but more can be created if you pay. One might be sufficient for some people.

Your most used site logins, identities and notes can be added to a Favorites screen where they are easy to access without searching for them.

Kaspersky Password Manager is a useful app for storing login details, notes and financial information in a secure password protected and encrypted store. The syncing across devices and computers, and web access makes it even more useful.

App: Kaspersky Password Manager & Secure Wallet Keeper
Price: Free
By: Kaspersky Lab
Size: 45MB installed
Android: Varies with device
Verdict: A good and useful tool for storing logins, notes and other information