3 free Android apps for bloggers and website owners to check your site and competitors. See search engine rankings, monitor keywords for any domain, perform dozens of checks and more.

Almost everyone has a blog or website these days and if you care about search engine rankings, SEO, and getting it seen by as many people as possible, these Android apps can help you.

Building and optimising websites is best done on a desktop or laptop computer where there is more screen space, a keyboard for typing, mouse or trackpad control of the pointer and desktop applications.

However, you aren’t always sitting at your computer and you might be out on business or leisure, travelling to or from work or appointments and meetings and so on. In these situations a few tools on your phone can help with your task of optimising and checking your site, and analysing competitors' sites.

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SEO SERP mojo - Rank Tracker 

Price: Free | By: Phrozenfire | Size: 7MB installed | Android: 4.0 and up

SERPmojo as the app calls itself on the phone, is an app that enables you to track the ranking of keywords on Google and Bing. It includes Yahoo!, but that isn’t as important these days.

The app is simple and straightforward. You first enter the URL of a website and then enter one or more keywords that you want to track. Keywords include long tail keywords - short phrases - and are not just single words.

The app checks where this URL ranks for the keywords at Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can track keywords for any site, so you could monitor your own site and those of competitors for the same keywords.

 SEO SERP mojo app for Android - add a URL and keywords to monitor SEO SERP mojo app for Android - see where keywords rank for a domain

The result is a table that shows rankings at each search engine for each keyword. They are tracked over time and a chart can be displayed showing the gains and losses.

This is great for anyone that wants a keyword tracker in their pocket. It can take several minutes to get all the results and the time taken obviously depends on the number of keywords and number of URLs.

A Pro upgrade for US $4.99 / UK £3.90 lets the app run in the background so you aren’t sitting around waiting for the results. Another Pro feature is summary and detailed analytics.

The free app is recommended and the Pro upgrade is tempting too.

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Sinium SEO Tools 

Price: Free | By: SINIUM | Size: 12MB installed | Android: 4.1 and up

Sinium SEO is a huge collection of tools in one app, and by huge, I mean more than 50! Opening the sidebar menu and swiping up and down lists them all.

There are so many tools I cannot even list them all, they seem to go on forever. They are organised into categories and these consist of ranking tools, research tools, performance tools, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, blog/news SEO, domain tools, security tools, and other tools.

Some categories have as few as three tools, but some have a dozen or more. To be honest, I haven’t yet got round to trying every one, but the ones I have sampled are useful.

 Sinium SEO Tools Android app menu has more than 50 SEO tools Sinium SEO Tools Android app Alexa ranking tool

For example, you can check Alexa ranking, get an SEO report card, get the domain authority, use whois to show domain registration, analyse meta tags, check the speed of a site, get the size of a page, count words in text, check the grammar and about 50 other tasks.

Most of the tools require you to enter a URL and it then performs some action on it, such as measuring the size, speed, showing meta tags, http headers, and so on. It can also look up information like Alexa ranking, backlink counting, showing DNS records, getting the domain authority, the IP address and more.

I had trouble with one or two tools, but nearly all of the others I tried were useful. This is a massive bundle and the app is recommended. You get all the features for free, but paying US $2.99 / UK £.48 removes the adverts.

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SEO Watcher - SERP Tracker app

Price: Free | By: Leonid Arefev | Size: 60MB installed | Android: 2.3.3 and up

SEO Watcher is like SERPmojo and it does almost the same thing. However, there are differences that make it worthwhile having both apps installed on your phone.

SEO Watcher enables you to add URLs for one or more domains you want to monitor and then you can create a list of keywords to track. Long tail keywords - phrases - are OK and it isn’t just for single words.

Where SEO Watcher differs from SERPmojo is in the search engines you can view rankings for. It supports Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, Ask, Yandex, Ya-XML and [email protected].

 SEO Watcher Android app - add keywords to track on search engines SEO Watcher Android app checks keyword rankings at search engines

The free version of the app will allow you to select only two of those, but upgrading to Pro, which costs just US $3.50 / UK £4 a year, allows you to add more. It is cheap enough to go Pro, but if you wanted to stick with the free version, just select different search engines to those in SERPmojo. That app does three search engines and you can add two more in this app to make five.

The app checks the search results for the URLs and keywords and tells you the position. It is a simple, but useful tool.