Grumpy Cat on Android! Play a collection of mini games featuring the grumpy moggy. Grumpy Cat will also tell you the weather forecast.

I knew it was the worst game ever before I installed it, but I wanted to try it myself and see what it was really like. It was awful! I tried a weather app next and that was the worst too!

I am joking of course and the the ‘worst game ever’ is an app featuring Grumpy Cat, a moggy almost as famous as Garfield, only he’s real. If you have never met Grumpy Cat (where have you been living?) then Google him with an image search. He looks so grumpy, even when he’s happy, although it is hard to tell what he is feeling.

Grumpy Cat has inspired a thousand memes and everything is the worst ever: “ I purred once. It was awful!’

Grumpy Cat has a game and a weather app in the Google Play Store and while Grumpy himself might tell you they are awful, they are actually very good. Here are reviews of these great apps. (There are more games reviews here.)

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever

Price: Free | By: Lucky Cat Studios | Size: 150MB | Android: 4.1 and up

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever is not a single game, but a collection of mini games. Micro games might be a more accurate description because they tend to be around 10 seconds long. It sounds like a crazy idea, but it is fun.

There are quite a lot of games and they are fast paced and played against the clock. Play one game and the next one quickly appears and you have no time to spare. Sometimes the instructions are brief and you will wonder what to do, but working out how to play is part of the entertainment.

There are too many games to list, but here are a few. Have you teased a cat with a laser pointer? One game is like that and a red dot whizzes around the floor. You must tap it to make Grumpy Cat catch it with his paw.

Grump Cat likes to climb trees, but branches get in the way. You must swipe left and right to avoid them as he runs up the tree trunk. Grumpy Cat is in a bar and as the bartender you must slide a drink down the bar to stop in front of him.

 Grumpy Cat game reeling in the fish in the Grumpy Cat game Grumpy Cat in a bar in the Android game

Reel in a fish on a fishing line as fast as you can so Grumpy can have a snack. Grumpy got too close to a cactus and you must pull out the spines. The list of games goes on.

There are prizes and gifts to open, new areas to unlock with new games, extras to be earned, and lots of adverts in between games, but you can pay a small fee to remove them.

Is it the worse game ever? Grumpy Cat might think so, but it’s great fun.

Grumpy Cat Weather

Price: Free | By: Weather Creative Inc | Size: 45MB | Android: 4.03 and up

Many weather forecasting apps use the same sources for weather information and so the only difference between them is the way they present the information. In Grumpy Cat Weather you get a nice photo of Grumpy Cat and a funny comment on the weather.

The temperature, a couple of words comment on the weather, and a funny comment from Grumpy overlay a photo of him. For a small fee you can increase the number of photos by adding another 34. Payment also removes the ads.

By default, the app shows the weather for your current location and I didn't need to tell it where I was or what temperature units to use, but more cities around the world can be added and swiping left or right displays the forecast for each of them.

 Grumpy Cat weather forecast on Android Grumpy Cat's weather forecast on Android

Swipe up the screen and there is very detailed weather information, such as the wind speed, humidity, UV index, wind speed, and the chances of rain. There is an hourly forecast for the next 24 hours and a daily forecast for the next 10 days. An animated rain rain radar map is also available.

The weather forecast information available is excellent and it is as good as any other weather app. The added bonus is that you get funny pictures and comments from Grumpy Cat. This is a great weather app.

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