Is it possible to take a screenshot that includes hidden areas off the screen? Yes, if you have a recent Samsung phone. Here's how to do it.

Some apps and web pages are bigger than will fit on a phone’s screen and you must swipe up and down to see everything. Here is a clever trick that captures parts of the screen you can’t see!

Open a browser and go to almost any web page and it will surely run off the bottom of the phone’s screen. The page is big and the screen is small, so you just see the top of the page and must swipe up and up to see what is below.

Suppose you want to save the web page as a screenshot. It is possible to capture the part on the screen, but what about the rest, the parts off the screen? If you have ever taken multiple screenshots and stitched them together in a photo editor like Photoshop, the smart capture feature below will save you a lot of time and effort.

It is possible to capture the whole web page, including the parts of the page that are off the screen. This is useful if you need to save something, such as a receipt at a online store, flight information that runs off the bottom of the screen, and so on.

It isn't just web pages that have information off the screen. Some apps require scrolling up and down in order to see everything, such as a notes app, news app, and other apps with lists or web-like content. You can save those as a screen grab too.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 or S8, and possibly some other Android phones, here is a way to extend screenshots to include areas not on the screen.

As usual, menus and options vary with the phone and version of Android that is running, so you might find these menu options in a different place on your phone. They may not be on other manufacturer's phone, but take a look in Settings and see if you can find them.

Enable Smart capture

Go to Settings and then open Advanced Features. Turn on Smart capture. The first time you do this, a help screen is displayed. It highlights the first two buttons in a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. The first is Scroll capture and the second is Draw. Let's see what these buttons are used for.

 Enable Smart capture in Settings on a Samsung Galaxy phone Smart capture help on Samsung Galaxy phones

Save the screen

Press the home and power buttons on the phone to capture a screenshot. (Some devices use home and volume down.)

When smart capture is enabled, for a second or two a thumbnail image of the screenshot appears in the top right corner of the screen and at the bottom is a toolbar. If you are quick and press the left toolbar button, Scroll capture, the screen scrolls up.

A screenshot with Smart capture on a Samsung Galaxy phone

After scrolling up the screen a new screenshot is taken and this is automatically attached to the bottom of the previous one. The result is a screenshot that is the standard width, but is much taller than normal. It will be two, three or more screens high - however many times you pressed Scroll capture to scroll the screen.

Capture web pages

Some web pages are many times the height of the screen. This is not a problem and you can press the Scroll capture button as many times as you need to. The web page scrolls up each time and is added to the screenshot.

Keep pressing Scroll capture and when you stop for a couple of seconds, the resulting image is saved to the phone's storage along with your other photos. Below is a screen grab of a web page and above I screen grabbed the Settings app. Notice the toolbars enabled by Smart capture.

Draw on screens

Take a screenshot of something, such as a web page, and press the Draw button in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Be quick, it disappears after a second or so.

A new toolbar appears at the top of the screen with Pen and Eraser tools, plus Undo and Redo.

The drawing tools when taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy phones

Tap the Pen button in the toolbar to open the Pen settings panel. Tap the type of pen you want, select the nib size and choose a colour. Press Close and you can now draw on the screenshot. This is great if you want to annotate apps, web pages, and anything else that appears on your phone's screen.

 Drawing tools on a Samsung phone Drawing on the screen on a Samsung Galaxy phone

You can return to Pen in the top toolbar to select a new pen, size and colour. Down at the bottom of the screen is a Save button for when you have finished drawing. The screenshot is saved to the phone’s storage with your other photos and screenshots.

These are pretty advanced features that not everyone will want to use, but for anyone that takes screenshots, it is a brilliant feature.