I lost my phone at the weekend. I knew it was in the house somewhere, but it wasn't on the table where I usually keep it. Finding it was pretty straightforward...

I simply called it from another phone - my landline. The phone rang and I walked around the house until I could hear it. It had fallen on the floor. What if I had left it on silent though? It wouldn't have rung, which reminded me of an app I heard about recently - Whistle Phone Finder.

This is an Android app and what it does is enable you to whistle to locate a lost mobile phone. You can whistle, can't you? Best get practising.

Whistle Phone Finder  .  Whistle Phone Finder

The app is really simple and the home screen is bright and colourful (try to ignore the adverts top and bottom). The circular graphic has four buttons, with one more in the centre. There is an on/off button and a speaker button to set the app's sensitivity to whistling - low, medium and high. The flashlight button turns on the phone's LED light and doesn't have anything to do with phone finding, but is a useful extra.

Whistle Phone Finder  .  Whistle Phone Finder

The button in the middle of the circle lets you listen to how the phone will sound when you whistle. There are several different sounds to choose from and you can also change the graphic theme to a different colour scheme too.

After configuring the options, which takes all of 10 seconds, all that remains is to test it. Tap the power button to switch off the phone and then whistle. Whistle Phone Finder will play the selected sound, allowing you locate it. Even if you mute the sound on the phone, it still works and this makes it better than simply calling the phone from another one. The app overrides the mute function and the phone bursts into life.

The number of adverts in the app is irritating, but this is an app you will rarely see because it stays in the background unless you actually need it. After all, it's not every day you lose your phone. So far it has worked fine, but I'll be monitoring its affect on battery life over the next week or so.

Title: Whistle Phone Finder (Google Play Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Nine Hertz India
Size: 7.7MB
Android: 2.2 or later
Rating: 4/5