Control how the screen on your Android phone turns on and off and create rules that automate it. KinScreen for Android reviewed.

How do you turn on your Android phone’s screen? By pressing the home button or power button? An app called KinScreen offers many more ways to turn it on and turn it off. It works like magic!

KinScreen is a free app for Android phones that offers a fine degree of control over how the screen works. All it does is to turn the screen on and turn it off. Why on earth would you want that when it is so easy to do with the power button?

The advantage of using the app is that turning the phone on and off can be automated. For example, the phone has what is called a proximity sensor. Normally this is used to automatically turn off the screen when you put the phone to your ear when making a call, but KinScreen uses it to to control the screen in other ways.

Automatically turn on the screen

KinScreen can can automatically turn on the screen by uncovering the proximity sensor. This happens when you take the phone out of your pocket or bag and instead of having to press a button, the screen is on and the phone is immediately ready for use.

When the phone is lying on the table or desk, you can wave your hand over it to turn on the screen and you don’t need to touch it. Some phones have this feature anyway, but not all do, so KinScreen extends the feature to those that don’t have it. It is handy when you have wet or dirty hands, or if you are simply lazy.

 KinScreen Android app automatically turns the screen on/off KinScreen Android app automatically turns the screen on/off

There are exceptions that can be applied, such as when you manually turn off the screen it stays off.

Automatically keep the screen on

Sometimes the screen can go off when you don’t want it to. For example, if your attention is elsewhere for a minute, such as when talking to someone, the screen might turn off because of the timeout in the phone settings.

KinScreen can keep the screen on. It can do this when motion is detected or when the phone is tilted up by more than 45 degrees. When using the phone we hold it at a steep angle, so KinScreen checks the angle and assumes you are using the phone if it is at an angle rather than flat on a table and prevents the screen from turning off.

Automatically turn off the screen

There are several rules that enable the screen to automatically turn off and it can switch off 10 seconds after the proximity sensor is covered. So if you put your phone in your pocket or bag, the screen turns off automatically because the sensor is covered.

There are other options and exceptions that enable you to control when the screen turns off.

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All KinScreen does is turn the screen on or off, but the detailed rules enable you to automate it. It is a brilliant idea and it worked well on my Samsung Galaxy phone. It is compatible with a wide range of phones, but probably not 100% of all phones. Try it and see if it works on yours.

Some features and settings are locked in the free version of the app and can be unlocked with an in-app payment (UK £3.49). However, it works quite well in free mode.

App: KinScreen (Google Play Store)
Price: Free
By: TeqTic
Size: 3.5 MB
Android: 4.0 and up
Verdict: A useful tool for automating the screen on/off function