Learn how to manage a busy airport in this simulation for Android and iOS phones. Great graphics and gameplay.

AirportPRG is an airport management simulation for Android and iPhones where you have control over the incoming and outgoing flights and servicing them. It is fast paced and a lot of fun.

The game provides a bird’s eye view of an airport, but not a modern one, it is set in the 1930s and 40s. The planes are old, the airfield really is a field with little tarmac, and runways are just strips of dirt where the grass has been worn away.

As planes approach you must instruct them to land and once on the ground they must be told to taxi to the airport terminal where you choose a parking slot for them.

AirportPRG game app running on an Android phone

Service the planes

Once a plane is parked you must then perform several tasks and the first is to get the passengers off the plane by sending the stairs to it. Then their baggage must be removed by baggage handlers.

The plane must be refueled ready for its next trip and a tanker truck must be despatched to go and fill it up. The tanker only holds so much fuel, so you must keep an eye on the amount it has left and send it to be refilled when necessary.

New passengers and their baggage must then be loaded onto the plane. However, the airport needs to be filled with sufficient passengers for each plane and you must constantly send a bus to go and get them and bring them to the airport.

The challenge

The problems faced in the game revolve around servicing multiple planes and there can be half a dozen or more at a time. There is one set of stairs, one fuel tanker, one baggage handler and so on.

Some things can be done out of order, so you can unload the passengers on one plane while unloading the baggage on a second and refueling a third. However, you cannot load new passengers and baggage until the plane has been emptied of the previous ones. You constantly have to check what each plane needs and what service is available.

AirportPRG game app running on an Android phone

Passengers pay a fare to fly and the money earned can be used to buy a second and third stairs, baggage handler, and fuel tanker. The more you have, the more planes you can handle simultaneously. Equipment can also be upgraded and this makes them quicker at loading or unloading passengers and baggage or allows the fuel tanker to hold more fuel and dispense it faster.

An airport through the ages

Each level in the game is set in a particular time period, starting with 1937 and running up to 1947. With each passing year the planes grow larger and this means they carry more passengers and baggage and require more fuel. You also get more planes as the airport grows and becomes busier.

The growing size of planes and the increase in number are really the only challenges throughout the game.

AirportPRG game app running on an Android phone

AirportPRG is a very entertaining game and it is a lot of fun as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough. Each new level is just more of the same and there are no new challenges.

There are nine levels and I worked through them all in a few days. Some new levels are promised, but when will they appear?

I like Airport PRG a lot and had a great few days playing it. I might even return to some of the levels and play them again. The game is recommended, but if it is to stay on my phone more than a week it needs new levels and new challenges.

This game is available on both Android and iOS, but I played the Android version on a Samsung Galaxy S6. There shouldn’t be any difference between the two platforms.

App: AirportPRG (Google Play Store | Apple Store)
Price: Free
By: Haug.Land
Size: 128 MB on Android
Android: 4.4 and up
iOS: 11.0 and up
Verdict: Looking after an airport is great fun, but it’s over too soon.



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I would like to purchase the Music from this game..

Can anyone give me a list of the artists?
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