The amount of data their mobile phone uses is a constant worry for some people. The problem is that most contracts have a data limit, sometimes as little as 500MB. There are penalties for using too much data, so Onavo Count will tell you exactly how much you have used and the amount remaining.

Even if you are rich enough to have an unlimited-data contract, if you try to use an unlimited amount of data you will find that it isn’t really unlimited. Mobile phone service providers use a different dictionary to us where the definition of ‘unlimited’ is ‘a lot, but not too much, especially at peak times’.

Data usage is a minefield and you had better not step over the limit or it could be very costly.

Onavo Count is a free app for Android phones that enables you to monitor the amount of data used (Wi-Fi does not count as data usage). There is a Data Usage section in Android Settings that gives the total bandwidth used, a list of apps that have used data and how much each one has used. There are even data used in the foreground and background figures.

Onavo Count  .  Onavo Count on Android

In some ways Onavo Count simply provides a slightly easier to access and more attractive view of the data usage that can be seen in Android Settings. However, it does add some useful extras and in addition to showing the total usage, it draws a bar chart of daily bandwidth usage or a line chart of weekly usage.

Each app’s total data usage is shown, but you can also open an information screen that shows the percentage of foreground and background data use, the Wi-Fi data used, the time the app has been running, the average minutes use per day and the average MB/min.

The overview screen shows the data used and the amount remaining. It also categorises data use and you can see the amount used by music, social, travel and other.

Onavo Count  .  Onavo Count

The app can notify you when you near your data limit and when you have used a certain percentage. Billing data plan dates can be set so that it matches those from your phone provider. A live widget can be placed on the home screen that shows the data used as a green bar that slowly turns blue, and this is useful.

Onavo Count simply makes monitoring your data usage easier and more fun. It means that you don’t need to dig around in Android’s Settings looking for information and the widget shows you right on the home screen. The app itself is easy on the eye and easy to use.

Title: Onavo Count (Google Play Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Onavo
Size: 3.6MB
Android: 2.3.3 or later
Rating: 5/5