The Google Play App Store for Android users is packed with great apps and it is fun to browse the titles and install them. However, it isn't ideal browsing the store on a small screen, such as with a mobile phone. You don't have to because you can browse the store on your computer instead.

One of the nice features of Android is that you can go to the Google Play Store using a web browser on the PC. Just enter into the address box. Select the Apps section in the menu on the left and browse the categories, top charts, new releases and so on. Click an app to go to the details page.

Google Play Store

At the top of the page is an Install button. Of course, this does not install the app on the PC or Mac and it won't run in Windows or OS X. When the Install button is clicked, you are asked which device you want to install it to.

Install Android apps

If you only have one device, there isn't much choice, but you could have both an Android phone and a tablet. In this case I can install the app to an O2 Samsung GT-I9505 (a Galaxy S4 with an O2 contract), or a No carrier Asus Nexus 7 (it's a Wi-Fi only tablet). Sometimes apps are not compatible with all your devices for various reasons (a phone and a tablet have different capabilities), and if this is the case, it will say so.

Select the device in the list that you want to install the app to and click the Install button. The app is automatically downloaded and installed on the device. You can do this remotely, so during your lunch hour at work you can browse the app store and install apps on your tablet at home. You can then start using them as soon as you get home.

This is a useful facility and apart from being convenient and working remotely, a web browser on a computer screen is much easier to navigate than the store app on a small phone screen.