Suppose you have a file on your tablet that you want to access on your phone. What if you have taken a photo on your phone and want to edit it on your tablet. How would you send a web link from a phone to a tablet or tablet to a phone? All these activities and more are possible with a free app for Android and iOS called Pushbullet.

You could think of Pushbullet as a sort of instant messaging app that enables you to send messages, files, web links, photos, and other information from one device to another. Install the app on a mobile phone and a tablet, and you can send all these items from one device to the other.

Instant messaging apps are designed for sharing notes, photos and so on, with other people, whereas Pushbullet is designed for sharing them with yourself. It is a sort of private instant messaging app that works between the devices you install it on. Having said that though, it is possible to invite friends to join and add them to the add so that you can exchange files, notes, photos and so on with them. That's not its primary application though.

Pushbullet . Pushbullet

Pushbullet development is headed in a different direction to instant messaging apps though, and it is not just a phone and tablet app. It can be accessed on the web through the website ( and using the site, you can push notes, files and other items from your desktop computer to a specific device, such as a phone or tablet. Your hand-held device can push items to your account on the website too.

Pushbullet is also a browser extension that can be added to Chrome running on Windows, Apple Macs and Linux. This enables you to send notes and files to Chrome and access them on your computer, or to send notes, files, links and so on to your phone/tablet. It is like an instant messenger where your friend list is made up of your own devices and computers, and it is great for exchanging information.

Pushbullet on Samsung Galaxy 4 . Pushbullet

It goes even further on Android and any notifications that appear on the device can be pushed to other devices or to Chrome. This means that if you get a text message on your Android phone, you will see a notification on your Android tablet and your computer running Chrome. Any other type of Android notification can also be mirrored on other devices and the computer and you can choose which apps and notifications you want to see.

This is really useful and when your Android phone chimes to indicate a new notification, you can see it on the tablet or computer without having to pick up your phone and turn it on to read it.

Pushbullet . Pushbullet

This notification mirroring across devices and to Chrome is sadly not in the iPhone app, only Android. However, it is surely going to be added sooner or later.

See Pushbullet from a PC perspective here.