Flappy Bird was one of the success stories of the year and as soon as the app for iOS and Android devices it took off, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of clones were made. Even now, a search for Flappy Bird in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store will result in lots of clones.

In some ways, Rovio Retry is like Flappy Bird, but in other ways it is completely different. The company has taken the idea, extended it, added a whole lot of extra features, and turned it into a new type of game.

In Retry, you tap to fly, just as with Flappy Bird. However, you control an airplane and it has far too much power and too much lift. Tap and hold and the plane will loop-the-loop without actually going anywhere. By tapping and holding for just the right amount of time, you can fly across the screen.

You start at an aerodrome and you take off. Perform a couple of loops to get some extra points, then try and level out and head across the screen. The landscape rolls by below you.

Rovio Retry

In this strange world, the clouds are as solid as rock and you die if you hit them. You die if you hit the hills below and you die if you hit any other objects. The aim is to get to the next aerodrome and land the plane.

At this point you can save the location and this means that when you die, you can retry the level from there, rather than from the beginning. Saving your retry point requires coins and coins in the sky can be collected to pay the cost. More can be bought through in-app purchases if you want to take the easy route.

Retry for iOS

As you progress, you will travel not only over the land, but through tunnels, so you have to avoid obstacles in front, above and below you. Performing stunts earns extra points and the aim is to progress through the levels.

The graphics are retro style and pixelated, but they suit the game and it is intended to look like you got in an 8-bit time machine and travelled back to 1986. The game is a lot of fun and the difficulty level is just about right. You will retry Retry again and again, but it isn’t super hard like Flappy Bird and it is merely hard.

Retry is free and is definitely worth installing on your iPhone or Android phone. Don’t get carried away with the in-app purchases though, or you could end up spending a lot, but that is true of a lot of apps.

Retry app

Title: Retry (Google Play Store / iOS App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Rovio
Size: 66MB iOS / 47MB Android
iOS: 6.0 or later / Android 2.3 or later
Rating: 4/5