There are many apps that offer similar features to the ever-popular Instagram and it can be difficult choosing which one to go for. EyeEm is one option and this popular app is like Instagram in some ways, but there are differences and the possibility of making money

In many ways EyeEm is like Instagram and you can upload photos to the service, you can browse the photos that other people have taken, you can follow people and they can follow you. You can post comments and replies, add tags and so on. You can take photos, apply filters, and then upload them for sharing.

Superficially it is the same, but anything goes on Instagram and there are lots of selfies, mirror photos, photos of signs, posters and bits of paper, quotes, and similar items. So far I haven’t seen much evidence of this and EyeEm is aimed at photographers rather than people and celebrities taking fun snapshots of everyday life.

In some ways EyeEm is a bit more intimidating for the ordinary user because there are so many high quality photographs on the service that it can be embarrassing posting anything less than professional photographer-quality images.

I might just use it to browse the amazing images because I don’t think my snapshots are really up to the same level. Every once in a while, mostly by accident, I take a great photo, but I think I am more Instagram standard than EyeEm. Not that there aren’t great photos on Instagram, there are, but there are a lot that are pretty ordinary.

The interface is interesting and the home screen has a map of your current location and a mini weather forecast. That is a bit odd, but perhaps it is linked to the collection of ‘Photos around you’ below. This is very interesting and it is a great feature. You will discover superb photos of places nearby that you never realised were so photogenic. It is fascinating to see locations you know through another photographer’s lens.

EyeEm for Android . EyeEm photo app

There are many collections of photos and these are equally entertaining. Among those listed on the home screen are fashion hair, interior design, handmade jewellery, from an airplane window, life is a beach, cityscapes and many more. You can create similar collections by searching for hashtags on Instagram, but here they are ready made for you.

I love the photo browser because of the simple, clutter-free design. Images are tiled and there is no text at all, except for a back button and title at the top. It is a beautiful display that contains fantastic photos and it is just a joy to look at. (It is better in real life than in the screen shots.)

Tap a photo and the display switches to an Instagram-alike screen with the member info at the top, like and comment buttons, tags and comments. Swiping up and down browses through the photos like Instagram.

EyeEm photo app . EyeEm app

You can follow people and this creates a news feed showing their photos very much like Instagram. Your own member page shows your photos, number of followers and people following you. You can create a simple profile revealing a bit of information about you if you want, but it isn’t compulsory. Tap a photo and the usual sharing options are displayed, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email, Dropbox, Skype and so on.

EyeEm has missions with a deadline to complete them by. These are photography projects that presumably go to make the collections that are promoted on the home page. Basically, you are given a subject and you have to submit appropriate photos. You can view a small number of other people’s submissions if you are short of ideas.

If you go to the EyeEm website, there is a marketplace and this enables you to select any or all of your photos and make them available for sale. EyeEm sells them and you get 50% of the money. Considering that it requires no effort on your part, that isn’t bad. EyeEm has millions of users and so you have millions of competitors. Unless you have truly outstanding photos, you probably won’t get many, if any, sales. It is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, but you never know who might come along and buy one of your snapshots.

The photo shooting and editing facilities are a bit bland and unexciting, but you can load images from the phone’s photo album if you don’t want to take photos in the app.

EyeEm is an excellent app that is similar to Instagram, but also different too. Perhaps it is the prospect of selling your photos because it seems to attract a better quality of photographer. As such, it is a step up from Instagram and is well worth installing on your Android or iOS phone.

Title: EyeEm (Google Play Store / iOS App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: EyeEm
Size: 24.5 MB iOS / Varies Android
iOS: 7.0 or later / Android version varies
Rating: 5/5