Do you have a favourite photo on the lock screen of your phone or tablet? No doubt it looks great, but wouldn’t it be more useful to have the latest notifications displayed too? Then you could see text messages, email messages, missed calls, and other notifications. If you want to make the lock screen more productive on your Android phone or tablet, Echo Notification Lockscreen will do the job.

Echo Notification Lockscreen is available on the Google Play Store for free. Install it and it will begin to display notifications on the lock screen when the phone is turned on. If your phone is normally locked with a PIN code (everyone should set one for the sake of security), it appears first and this enables you to see the notifications without unlocking the phone. You swipe to enter the phone or enter the PIN code.

Where Echo beats some rivals is in the useful configuration options, which are accessed by running the app. All the apps on the phone are automatically categorised and placed into Priority, Social, Work, Media, Hidden, and Other. These categories, apart from Hidden, are displayed on the lock screen and can be expanded or shrunk to one line with a tap. This enables you to hide or show app notification categories and just see the notifications that are important to you.

Echo’s automatic categorisation of apps is not fixed and you can browse the categories in the settings and move apps from one category to another. You can enable or disable whole categories or individual apps.

Echo Notification Lockscreen . Echo Notifications Lockscreen

It takes a few minutes to organise the apps the way you like them, but once this is done, you will then only see the notifications you want and in the order you prefer. Unimportant notifications can be hidden. The are hidden only from the lock screen though, and are still available in the normal Android notifications by pulling down from the top of the home screen in the usual way.

Categorising notifications is the best feature of the app, but in addition to this, you can snooze notifications to temporarily remove them and access them later. They can be snoozed for one hour, next morning, tomorrow, until you get home or get to work. It detects home and work locations by the Wi-Fi you are connected to. Swiping notifications removes them and long pressing accessed the snooze options. This is another excellent feature.

Echo Notification Lockscreen . Echo Notification Lockscreen

The app’s own wallpaper image can be used on the lock screen or you can use your own, such as a favourite photo. The phone’s security, such as a PIN code, can be used or the app’s pattern lock can be used. The lock screen also shows the time, day and date, and the battery charge.

The only irritation is the adverts. In the free version you will see notifications for various apps and services at the bottom of the list on the lock screen. You can upgrade to the Premium version to remove these though. Here’s a tip: Tap Echo Premium, but then decline to buy it. A message appears on the screen that says “Use Echo for a month and receive the promo price of $0.99!” That is a great price for a great app.

Title: Echo Notification LockscreenPrice: Free
Developer: Double labs, Inc.
Size: 5.7MB
Android: 4.3 or later
Rating: 4/5