Android phones can slow down as more apps are installed and one of the reasons for this is that many apps run in the background. The more you add, the more that run, decreasing the phone or tablet memory and reducing the speed. To make matters worse, many apps automatically start when the phone is started. Startup Manager can help.

Apps that automatically start with the phone constantly run in the background and it is a major irritation, especially on phones with limited memory. Why is it not possible to run an app only when we want to run it? Why does it have to be running all the time in the background even though we don’t need it? Phones and tablets have limited memory and processing power, and this is simply a waste of both.

Startup Manager (Free) is a useful utility that starts when the phone is started. This adds to the problem of course, but in so doing, it is able to prevent others from starting and this means that there is a net benefit from installing it.

The app could not be simpler and there are three tabs. User is the main one that you will use and it lists the apps that you have downloaded and installed. Some of these need to run in the background, such as Skype, so that it can respond to incoming calls and messages. Many apps do not need to be running all the time and tapping the plus/minus button on the right side of the screen enables them to be disabled on startup.

Startup Manager . Startup Manager for Android

The System tab shows apps that are part of the system – apps bundled with the phone and that are part of Android. It is best not to disable these if you don’t know what you are doing, but the option is there if you want to experiment. I would leave most of them alone.

The Custom tab enables you to add your own startup items, such as apps you want to run all the time. Once again, it is best not to add anything because the whole point of Startup Manager (Free) is to reduce the number of startup apps. The option is there though.

That’s it. Customise the startup apps, restart the phone or tablet or power off and power on again (don’t just switch off the screen). There is an option to display the time taken to start the device and list any apps that could not be disabled.

Startup Manager for Android

For some reason, and it probably is not Startup Manager’s fault, some apps cannot be prevented from starting. Facebook is one example, and even though it is disabled, if you check what is running after restarting, it is there in the background. Sp blocking apps is a bit hit and miss, with some working and some not. Despite this, it is still worth having for the apps that it does work with.

TitleStartup Manager (Free)
Price: Free
Developer: Imoblife Inc
Size: 1.9MB
Android: 1.5 or later
Rating: 4/5