If you don’t already have a tune-up and clean-up app for your Android phone or tablet, or need a better one, All-In-One Toolbox (Booster) offers a comprehensive collection of useful tools. This app is highly rated in the Google Play Store and is free.

The main screen shows the amount of free space available. The big percentage figure in the centre with the free space below is straightforward enough, but the figures either side labelled ROM and SDCARD confused me because ROM to me is read only memory and not free memory that can be used or cleaned in any way.

I don’t have an SD card in my phone, so this is another confusing figure. Android treats internal memory like an SD card, but surely Storage or simply Space used would be a better name.

Ignoring the left and right figures on the main screen, tapping the central space used percentage runs a clean-up function and clears memory. Having lots of free memory space helps when you next want to run an app because it will have more room to work.

However, it may make some other functions slower because Android makes use of free memory to speed up certain operations. Try it and if it makes the phone more responsive then use it, but if you cannot tell the difference, ignore it.


All-In-One Toolbox . All-In-One Toolbox for Android


Tap the Clean button on the main screen and there are standard and advanced clean-up functions. They erase items like caches, temporary files, thumbnail images, app leftovers and so on. It is possible to recover gigabytes of space using the Clean tool.

Although some items, such as caches, are designed to boost app performance, it can be useful to clean up the device occasionally, but over using it may be detrimental to performance. A whitelist of items to be left alone can be created.

The Boost button on the home screen is basically a task killer. It lists all the apps and background services that are running and it enables them to be selected and stopped. This can be useful for killing apps that are using too much memory or battery power. However, by default it selected too much for my liking, but you can deselect everything with one tap and then just pick the items you want to kill. A white list can be created too.

The Toolbox is the most interesting part of the app and there are eight tools bundled with the app and more can be added as plugins. There is a batch install and batch uninstall for example. Batch install enables apps stored on an SD card to be installed when it is inserted into a new phone. It isn’t something you will use every day, but it will be handy when you next upgrade your phone.

Backup and Restore enables apps to be backed up and restored. The backups use storage space of course, but it means the apps could be reinstalled without having to download them again, which could be useful if you rarely have a good internet connection.


All-In-One Toolbox app . All-In-One Toolbox for Android


Apps can be moved from internal storage to an SD card to free up space. This is a great idea, but the app doesn’t know if I have an SD card and what’s more, it just sends me to the Android Application Manager to do the job. If you have an SD card, you should definitely do this, but if you don’t, the feature is a bit confusing.

Boot Speedup is one of the more useful tools in the package and it enables you to stop apps from automatically starting when the phone or tablet starts. Although it lists all apps you have installed and all system apps bundled with the device, not all of them can be prevented from starting.

However, it is still useful for blocking those that can be blocked and this makes more memory available for running apps and stops battery draining apps from starting.

A file manager enables you to explore the phone or tablet’s storage. Files can be deleted, copied, zipped and so on, and some files, such as text files, can be opened too. It isn’t for novices, but if you know your way around the storage system (basically the phone or tablet’s disk drive), then it can be a useful tool for cleaning up the system, organising files and so on.

The app can be extended by installing plugins, such as Ad Detect Plugin which shows apps that have ads. A Flashlight Plugin turns on the phone’s camera flash so it can be used as a torch. An Auto Tasks Plugin runs tasks like the memory booster, task killer, Wi-Fi and airplane mode at certain times.

Some plugins are quite useful, but others might duplicate functions that are easy to access on the phone anyway, like audio volume adjustment and flashlight.

All-In-One Toolbox contains a lot of features and many of them are very good, but I did not find all of them useful. However, even if you only use a few of the tools, it has to be worth installing. There is so much in this app that everyone is bound to find at least some of the functions useful, so it is recommended.

TitleAll-In-One Toolbox (Booster)
Price: Free
Developer: AIO Toolbox Inc
Size: 6.0MB
Android: 2.3 and up
Verdict: A useful collection of tools accessible in one app.