Facebook Messenger Lite is a faster, lighter, more efficient version of the chat app from the social network.

Who doesn’t like smaller, faster, lighter apps that use fewer resources on their phone. Facebook has two versions of its Messenger app - the full fat or skinny version. Which do you prefer?

Two alternative web browsers for Android phones and tablets on test - Samsung Internet and Firefox Focus

Chrome is the obvious web browser to use on an Android phone or tablet, but it is not the only one. It may not even be the best one and there are alternatives that might better suit you.

Use the location sharing features in WhatsApp to show people exactly where you are.

WhatsApp recently learned some new tricks and the messaging app is now able to share your location so other people so they can see where you are. An invasion of privacy or useful feature? Here’s how it works.

Google Photos can now recognise your pets, such as your dog or cat. It groups them with people.

Woof, Woof! Meoooow! Google has added a barking mad new feature to the Photos app that enables it to recognise your pets in photos. It now groups them into a people and pets group.

Password protect sections of notes in Microsoft OneNote for extra security and privacy.

Microsoft has added a new feature to OneNote that enables you to lock whole sections of notes with password protection. Now you can securely store information in notes. Here’s how it works.

Top tips to take control of the data usage on your Android phone. Stay within your limit and reduce the data used.

Some phone plans have quite a high data usage limit, but they are expensive. If you are on an older or cheaper plan you must keep an eye on your usage. Here’s how to manage the data used.

App review: Use Keepass2Android as your password manager on Android phones and tablets. It securely stores your login details.

There are many password managers, but Keepass has been around longer than most and existed even before Android was invented. It puts the control of your passwords and security in your own hands.

Secure your Android phone at public Wi-Fi hotspots by adding a VPN app. They encrypt the internet connection and make it safe.

Your home Wi-Fi is secure because only you and your family or friends know the password to access it, but public Wi-Fi is not and you need a VPN to protect your phone. Here are two.

Want to try new features in Android apps before anyone else? Here's how to find, download and use beta apps on your phone

If you like to be at the cutting edge of technology and want to get your hands on apps for your Android phone before anyone else, here is how to find them and install them. It’s great fun!

Scan in paper based documents using Adobe Scan and save them to cloud storage as PDF files. OCR makes text in the PDFs editable.

There are many apps for your phone that enable you to scan paper based documents, but Adobe Scan has built in character recognition and cloud storage for your files. It's on Android and iOS.

Is it possible to take a screenshot that includes hidden areas off the screen? Yes, if you have a recent Samsung phone. Here's how to do it.

Some apps and web pages are bigger than will fit on a phone’s screen and you must swipe up and down to see everything. Here is a clever trick that captures parts of the screen you can’t see!

Customise notifications on Android phones to reduce disturbances and irritations. Choose which apps are allow to show notifications.

Our phones constantly demand our attention with notification sounds and vibrations. Don’t be a slave to your phone, cut out non-essential notifications and get more battery life.

Grumpy Cat on Android! Play a collection of mini games featuring the grumpy moggy. Grumpy Cat will also tell you the weather forecast.

I knew it was the worst game ever before I installed it, but I wanted to try it myself and see what it was really like. It was awful! I tried a weather app next and that was the worst too!

Top tips for protecting yourself when accessing the internet when using your phone. Phishing, virus protection and more.

With the rise of online dating sites, online shopping portals, and even online classrooms, we now live most of our lives on the Internet. That's great, but there is a downside too.

New features have been added to the Google Photos app that enable photos to be hidden in an archive. This article shows how it works.

A missing feature in Google Photos? Yes! The ability to hide photos you don’t want to see or to appear in the main photos feed. This is more useful than you might realise and here is why.

3 free Android apps for bloggers and website owners to check your site and competitors. See search engine rankings, monitor keywords for any domain, perform dozens of checks and more.

Almost everyone has a blog or website these days and if you care about search engine rankings, SEO, and getting it seen by as many people as possible, these Android apps can help you.

Restart an Android phone to solve problems and reset apps to fix errors and other issues. Here is how to do it and how to automate it.

When I hear people have a problem with their phone, I always ask if they have restarted it. Usually they haven’t and after a restart the problem often goes away. Here’s how to automate it.

Kaspersky Password Manager lets you store passwords, notes and financial information securely on your phone. Lock them up to prevent unauthorised access.

It is impossible to remember all the passwords that websites, services and apps require these days and a password manager is essential. Kaspersky Password Manager is free for Android and iOS.

Is Android blocking bad apps on your phone? Turn on this setting and Google Play Protect will scan for malicious apps and warn of problems.

Google is fighting bad apps on Android with new security scanning that runs in the background. Here is how to check that these security services are running and protecting your phone.

WarFriends review: battle other players for control of the battlefield in this wargame for Android and iOS. Fun cartoon-style 3D graphics and action.

WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game is exactly that and you and your squad of soldiers meet other players on the battlefield with the aim of wiping out your opponent. It’s for Android and iOS.