A Better Camera is an app for your Android phone that is designed to be better than then built in app. If you find the controls fiddly on the phone’s camera app, this one could be the answer.

You have a firewall on your computer, so why not on your mobile phone and tablet too? A firewall enables you to control incoming and outgoing connections and to block those you don’t want. Here are three for Android.

Google’s Chromecast is a great gadget that plugs into a TV’s HDMI socket and it enables you to watch movies, videos and photos, listen to music, and play games. Here’s how to set it up.

Do you use the default app on your Android phone for text messaging? Other apps are available that can replace the built in app and you might find them easier, more convenient to use and have more features too.

Aliens have landed and they are invading, bringing death and destruction to the world. It is up to you and your army to defend it from the monstrous hoards and save the world. Top fun for your tablet or phone.

World Around Me (WAM) is a useful app that enables you to discover the places around you. It is perfect for travellers and it tells you the places to eat, stay, shop and more.

How do you find typing on your phone or tablet? Is it easy or hard? Does it have irritations like replacing the word you want with one that you don’t want? Customise the keyboard and remove the irritations.

There are dozens of clean-up and tune-up tools for Android and if you do not have one installed on your phone or tablet, you should consider adding one of these two. But which one is best?

If you are the sort of persona that checks their horoscope before doing anything else in a morning, here are five entertaining Android apps that will give you your daily dose of astrology.

Clean up utilities can be useful on some phones, but they are not needed on every phone. The reason is that your phone might already have a clean-up tool built in. How does it work?

Most people could do with losing a few pounds and getting fitter and stronger. UP by Jawbone and NexTrack can provide the motivation that helps you get results. Both apps are tested.

Are there some settings on your Samsung Galaxy S6 that you access more than most? You can make them easier and faster to access by editing the Quick settings screen.

There are many apps for cleaning up the junk in Android and boosting the speed and if you are lucky enough to have a Samsung Galaxy S6 there is even one built in. What about other Android phones? Here are two useful apps.

As an mobile app developer and computer programmer of Xicom- Mobile app development Services, Amanda Cline explains why mobile app testing is important ingredient for developing mobile apps.

Of all the technical advances that have been made with mobile phones the one that is most wanted is increased battery power. Smart Manager on the Samsung Galaxy S6 can help.

Do certain situations make you anxious? Do you feel stressed? Do you suffer from anxiety problems? There are free apps for your Android phone that can help with your difficulties, such as SAM and Pacifica.

Touch screens have done away with the need for a physical keyboard, but are they easier to use? Use this simple tweak to make to the keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S6 better.

360 Security is a very popular app in the Google Play Store with over 100 million downloads. Now there is a Lite version that aims to be smaller and lighter on resources. Is it worth it?

No matter how much data your phone company provides on your contract, it never seems to be enough. Use these techniques to reduce data used and stop being charged for going over the limit.

Beware of scams on the internet and on your mobile phone. Even when you think you are browsing a safe website, something could pop up on the screen that tries to trick you into doing something, like revealing information about yourself or installing unwanted software.