Most people could do with losing a little weight and getting fit, but cannot seem to keep to our diet or exercise regime. Sticking to them is easier with a coach and this is where Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach can help.

Modern Conflict for AndroidTwo years after the original Modern Conflict comes Modern Conflict 2, which updates the old real-time strategy war game with new battles and new features. It’s a brilliant action-packed game for your phone or tablet.

Do you run, ride or walk places? If the answer is no then maybe you should get some fresh air and exercise! For those that do, here is a step-by-step guide to recording your activities using My Tracks, a free Android app for your phone.

Are you having problems with your wireless network? Analysing the Wii-Fi signals could be useful in diagnosing problems and getting a better idea of how it works. WiFi Overview 360 is a free Android app that will do the job.

There are a number of games for your phone that are super simple, very hard, frustrating, yet lots of fun. Flappy Bird and Crossy Road are two examples, and now Cliffy Jump. It's fast, addictive and entertaining.

Remember Snake on the old and classic Nokia 3310 phone? Arrow is like a modern version of that, with a few twists and turns. It is fast paced, highly addictive and frustratingly difficult. You won’t be able to stop playing.

Radio is a free alternative to streaming music subscription services and there are numerous apps for smartphones that enable you to tune in a listen to great music. Simple Radio and Orange Radio are two competitors. Which is best?

There are millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and probably dozens nearby right now, but how do you find them? Whatever you need to do, there is an app for that as they say. Here’s what you need.

Stream music from your Windows PC to any phone or tablet using Microsoft Groove Music app for iOS or Android

Did you know that Microsoft has a free music streaming service? You can play music on your computer, on your phone, anywhere! All your favourite tracks can be streamed to you on the go using your phone for free, but how?

Inside Out is the latest animated movie from Disney Pixar, creators of Frozen and other great movies and there is a fantastic app to go with it that will have you hooked from the start. You won’t be able to put it down!

Do you use tabs in Chrome to browse multiple websites at once? Of course you do, but how do you switch from one tab to another on an Android phone or tablet? There are two ways and you should use the fastest.

The lock screen on your Android phone is an opportunity to show useful information and notifications, and provide fast access to your favourite apps. SnapLock is designed to make the most of it.

Some of the best games are the oldest and the simplest and they don’t get much older and simpler than the one that Brickies is based on. Can you guess? Brickies contains bricks, balls and bats and is great fun.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the new low power mode in iOS 9, which is currently being beta tested by developers. If you are an Android user you may already have this feature. Enable it to make the battery last longer!

Office Lens is a free mobile app from Microsoft that enables you to save documents, business cards, whiteboards, receipts and similar items to your phone and online. Scan and save everything!

Sooner or later your phone or tablet will run out of space. If you have a device with a large amount of storage space, such as 32 or 64GB, it might take longer to fill up, but it eventually will. What can you do about it?

There are lots of running and cycling apps to keep your body fit, but what about your brain? That needs exercising too. Brain training apps are great for this and you just can’t have too many. Here is NeuroNation and Brain Wars.

VPNs are not new and apps to reduce battery drain are quite common, but what happens when you combine the two? You get a unique app that not only increases your security, but also the phone's battery life too.

Security and privacy is a constant concern with mobile phones and tablets. Could someone access your contacts, personal information, photos, or run apps and change settings? AppLock will prevent this.

Three years ago I bought a brand new Google Nexus 7 and an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7, both were Android tablets with 7in screens. How have they lasted over the last three years and which one turned out to be the best? There is a lesson to be learnt here.