We store a lot of personal and private information on our mobile phones, but is it secure? Can other people access it? Does information leak out? Are your private details being passed on? Clueful Privacy Advisor will tell you.

Avira is a company best known for its antivirus and security software. In fact, I was at the Avira website downloading some security software when I spotted Avira Android Optimizer. It looked interesting and was free in the Google Play Store.

There are numerous options when it comes to email on your Android phone. Google Mail is the obvious choice, but your phone may come with another general email app and there are dozens in the app store. Which is best?

When apps are installed on an Android phone or tablet they can access information about you through your various Google accounts. Which apps can do this and what are they accessing? You can find out and then block them for extra privacy.

After downloading a few dozen apps for your Android phone or tablet, it becomes difficult to find the app you want. You end up swiping left and right through screens looking for it. You can create folders to organise your apps.

Android 5.01 is rolling out to many users now and if you do not already have it, you soon will. My Samsung Galaxy S4 has just received its update and if you want to know how well it runs on this old phone then read on...

Android has some great features, but it also has some irritating ones too. For example, it is easy to get into a situation where the battery is draining very quickly. Why, and what can be done about it?

Are you waiting for Android 5 to be rolled out for your Android phone? You could be waiting a long time, perhaps forever because there is no guarantee it will arrive. There is an alternative if you want a brand new look and new features for your phone.

If you have an Android phone and are signed into a Google account (who isn’t?), the system will back up account settings, app data, contacts, browser bookmarks, calendar, photos and videos. It does not back up text messages, call logs, and a few other things.

Android 5, otherwise known as Lollipop, has a confusing notification system that at first sight does not seem to make sense. If you are confused about the functions and features, this guide will show you how it all works. Take control of notifications.

Weather forecasting apps are very popular and quite rightly so. We all want to know if it will rain or be sunny, but which one is best? Here is one that will take up as little space as you want or fill the whole screen with information.

Is your Android mobile phone or tablet slow to use? Is it running out of storage space and memory? Are your getting error message or problems with apps crashing? The cause, at least partly, could be due to junk files cluttering up the system. Here is how to find them and delete them.

There is nothing worse than getting a huge bill from your mobile operator because you have used more data than you realised. The charges for using more than your allowance can be very high, but these two data monitors can help you to avoid unwanted costs.

One of the new features in the Samsung Galaxy S5 Android smartphone is a heart rate sensor. This innovative new item uses the phone’s flash and camera to measure the rate at which your heart is beating. But is it really innovative? Well, actually, heart rate monitors have been around for years and all you need is an app from the Google Play Store for your phone.

Android 5.0, called Lollipop, has been gradually rolling out to users with various devices including smartphones and tablets. A few people have experienced problems after updating the Android operating system, so here is a step-by-step guide to fixing them by erasing and resetting the system.

Do you think you know how to uninstall Android apps? You are wrong! In this step-by-step guide is the correct way to uninstall Android apps, leaving you with a clean phone or tablet afterwards. If you don’t do it the correct way you will sooner or later run into problems.

Android has many great features, but also a few irritations too and one of these is apps that run in the background. The more apps you install, the more that hide in the background. There they occupy memory and consume processing power and suck the life out of the battery. What can you do?

Modern life can be hectic and stressful. There may be problems at work, deadlines to meet, awkward people to deal with and so on. Problems can occur in your personal life too and they may be a cause of more worry and stress. Headspace mindfulness meditation can help induce a feeling a quiet, calm, relaxation.

One of the nice features of Android is the ease with which it can be customised. Every iPhone looks the same, apart from the wallpaper image, but Android users can add lock screen apps that appear when the phone is woken up. Microsoft has an interesting lock screen app that is simple, but effective. You might think it odd that Microsoft has produced an Android app, but the company actually has quite a lot and some are really good, like Next.

Microsoft recently released a new email app and it is more modern and in some ways has superior features to the old app. You should switch from the old Outlook.com to the new Outlook. It is a bit confusing having two apps with almost the same name that access the same email account, but there is really no need to keep the old app and it can be uninstalled.