Why is it that nearly every app you install on phones and tablets includes sharing features? They frequently pester you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking accounts. Is this a good idea though? You can end up sharing too much with people you don’t know and this can be dangerous in ways you never realised.

If you don’t already have a tune-up and clean-up app for your Android phone or tablet, or need a better one, All-In-One Toolbox (Booster) offers a comprehensive collection of useful tools. This app is highly rated in the Google Play Store and is free.

Android phones can slow down as more apps are installed and one of the reasons for this is that many apps run in the background. The more you add, the more that run, decreasing the phone or tablet memory and reducing the speed. To make matters worse, many apps automatically start when the phone is started. Startup Manager can help.

Interest in health tracking using smartphones, watches and bands is growing and some of the biggest companies around are developing hardware and software for this market. I looked at Google Fit not long after it was launched and found it to be an interesting app. Since then, it has grown into a hub that other apps can connect to and store health and activity tracking information and this makes it even more useful.


Do you have a favourite photo on the lock screen of your phone or tablet? No doubt it looks great, but wouldn’t it be more useful to have the latest notifications displayed too? Then you could see text messages, email messages, missed calls, and other notifications. If you want to make the lock screen more productive on your Android phone or tablet, Echo Notification Lockscreen will do the job.

Do you have bad apps on your phone? Are you worried about downloading and installing apps? Have you heard that there are bad apps in the Google Play Store? Apps can be bad for many reasons and, although rare, they certainly exist and there is a small chance that you could install one on your Android phone or tablet. Here is how to avoid them.

There is an old saying, ‘Use it or lose it’. Well, you won’t lose your mind, but unless you exercise it, it will weaken and become slow at thinking, reasoning, logic and mental arithmetic. Brain training games can improve your mind and keep it sharp. The more you use it, the better it will be here are two popular brain training apps that run on both Android and iOS, Elevate and Mind Games.

There are tens of thousands of podcasts to listen to on your mobile phone or tablet and they can be funny and entertaining, educational and instructive, packed with news and comment, and much more. If you like listening to podcasts, here are two of the best around and a comparison of their features and ease of use. Which is best, Podcast Republic or Podcast Addict?

Estar Battery Saver is a battery monitoring app for Android phones and tablets that has an unusual feature. It rates apps in the Google Play Store according to how much they drain your battery. This enables you to choose those that use the least power to maximise the length of time your device will last on the battery.

iBOLT Dock'n Drive

The mobile phone is probably the most high tech piece of equipment you own. It can make phone calls, send text messages, play music, use GPS and mapping, measure your speed and altitude and much more. It makes a great gadget to have in your car – just get a phone car mount kit and the iBOLT Dock’n Drive app.

One of the nice features of Android is the way in which it can be customised. Take the lock screen for instance. It can be totally transformed by installing a lock screen widget. It is much more useful than lock screen wallpaper and they often have some useful features.

There are many apps that offer similar features to the ever-popular Instagram and it can be difficult choosing which one to go for. EyeEm is one option and this popular app is like Instagram in some ways, but there are differences and the possibility of making money

Mobile phones and tablets slow down over time and they become increasingly sluggish as they grow older. The Google Nexus 7 with Android 5.0 Lollipop is a particularly bad example and a recent one, but it happens to all devices eventually. Sooner or later They just slow to a crawl. Can they be fixed? Yes!

Keep checking your phone and tablet because Android 5.0, Lollipop could arrive any day. For some lucky people, it has already arrived and it can be downloaded and installed. There are a few things you need to consider before upgrading and there are some techniques for making the upgrade smoother.

Everyone likes free stuff right? Well, now you can get a tone of free stuff courtesy of Adobe. For a limited time only, everything is free for the Aviary photo editor for Android and iOS. Photo Editor by Aviary (Android / iOS) is a great free photo editor for mobile devices and there is a huge range of extras available through in-app purchases. Until the end of November 2014 they are all free!

Google seems to be duplicating apps these days and there are two email apps, Gmail and Inbox, and two messaging apps, Hangouts and Messenger. The big question is whether the company will eventually phase out the old apps and force people to use the new ones. For now though, you can choose to use either apps for email and messaging. Should you switch from Hangouts to Messenger?


Many actions you perform on your mobile phone are repetitive, such as taking a photo and sharing it, checking in at favourite places, looking up places we are visiting in Wikipedia and so on. There is a well known app called IFTTT (IF This Then That) that automates tasks on mobile phones. Less well known, but more powerful is Microsoft’s on{X}.

Fitness and activity tracking has suddenly become a hot topic and there are numerous apps, bands and watches that promise to record every move you make. Apple has built in a Health app to iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 tracks every step you make, Microsoft just launched a wristband with tracking capabilities and a HealthVault website, and now Google has launched its own app. I have been running Google Fit for the past week on my Samsung Galaxy S4, so how has it been?

Flappy Bird was one of the success stories of the year and as soon as the app for iOS and Android devices it took off, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of clones were made. Even now, a search for Flappy Bird in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store will result in lots of clones.

Some people play games and have lots of games apps, other people like photography or social networking, and they add all the relevant apps. I like news apps – everyone has their own favourite use for their phone, apart from making calls, and mine is keeping up with the latest news. Especially technology news. I have more news apps than any other category. One I have been using a lot lately is Google News and Weather.