Kaspersky Password Manager lets you store passwords, notes and financial information securely on your phone. Lock them up to prevent unauthorised access.

It is impossible to remember all the passwords that websites, services and apps require these days and a password manager is essential. Kaspersky Password Manager is free for Android and iOS.

Is Android blocking bad apps on your phone? Turn on this setting and Google Play Protect will scan for malicious apps and warn of problems.

Google is fighting bad apps on Android with new security scanning that runs in the background. Here is how to check that these security services are running and protecting your phone.

WarFriends review: battle other players for control of the battlefield in this wargame for Android and iOS. Fun cartoon-style 3D graphics and action.

WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game is exactly that and you and your squad of soldiers meet other players on the battlefield with the aim of wiping out your opponent. It’s for Android and iOS.

Review: Two apps for Android that enable you to create realistic 8-bit artwork that looks like it is from computers fromt he 1980s.

If you long for the 1980s and the era of the 8-bit computer, you will love these two free Android apps that let your turn photos into convincing 8-bit artwork and create funny avatars.

Stop the Facebook app using too much phone mobile data by using the settings and tweaks to Android listed here. Avoid using up all your phone data.

The Facebook app on your phone could the one of the biggest users of mobile data. If you are near to or exceeding your data limit, reduce Facebook data usage with these essential tweaks.

Samsung Game Tools and Game Launcher make playing games on your Samsung Galaxy phone more fun. Use them to record the action

Samsung has built special tools into Android 7 for the company’s top end phones like the Galaxy S8, S7 and S6. If you have the latest OS, here’s what you need to know about these gaming tools.

Use your Android phone to monitor your sleep. Record deep sleep, light sleep, restless waking and more. 3 great sleep trackers on test.

How do you feel in a morning when you wake up? Still tired or well rested? With a free sleep tracking app for your Android phone you can monitor your sleep cycles and wake up more gently.

Battery drain is an irritating problem for many people, but there are apps and settings that can solve the problem. These apps boost battery life of your phone.

The battery is one of the most complained about component in modern smartphones and they never last as long as we would like. These apps and built-in phone features combat battery drain.

Use the Device maintenance function in Settings on your Samsung or Android 7 phone to increase memory, storage, battery and security. It is an all-in-one toolkit.

Increase speed, space, security on Samsung phones with this tune-up. How to carry out essential maintenance tasks to keep your phone running at peak performance. Your phone will love it!

Earn money from apps on your Android phone by answering surveys, watching ads, installing apps, and more

Have you heard about the mobile apps that enable you to earn money answering a few simple questions in surveys? You are paid to answer ridiculously easy questions on your phone! Try it!

App Review: DU Screen Recorder enables you to record the screen and audio on your Android phone. Use it to record demos, the games you play and more. Share your videos online.

Free apps in the Google Play Store enable you to record the screen and audio on your phone or tablet. Record app demos or games you play with Screen Recorder - DU Recorder. It’s brilliant!

Word Cloud is a free Android app that enables you to generate word clouds and save them to Google Drive or other online storage ready to be used in your presentations, reports, web posts.

Do you like word clouds? These are interesting graphical images that are made from a jumble of related words in different fonts and colours. Use this free Android app to make them on your phone.

Sometimes you see things in the Google Play Store that you want, but haven't the money or time right now. Here's how to add them to a wishlist, on your Phone, manage your wishlist and buy items off it later.

It is fun browsing the Google Play Store on your Android phone and finding great apps, music, videos and books to download, but if you don’t have time right now, add them to a wishlist.

Speak any language using a universal translator on your Android phone. Step by step guide to automatically translate anything you type on the fly.

Star Trek is full of fascinating and futuristic technologies and one of the most useful is the Universal Translator. This enabled Kirk to speak any language. It’s here on your phone!

Switch keyboards on your phone. Have fun with Gboard by entering amazing animated GIFs to brighten up emails and messages.

Gboard is an alternative keyboard for your phone and it has some interesting features you might not expect, such as animated GIFs. Here’s how to send an animated GIF using Gmail and Gboard.

Replace the standard Android lock screen with a new and more exciting one. Customise your Android phone with these free lock screen apps

Is the lock screen on your phone boring? Would you like a different one? There are lots of free apps in the Google Play Store that replace the lock screen. Here are four great freebies to try.

How to use your Android phone as a remote control for everything in your home - TVs, set top boxes, hi-fi and more

Is the remote for your TV, set top box, music system and other devices broken? Before you buy a new remote, try these Android apps which turn your phone into a remote control for all your devices.

3 free Android phone apps to monitor your website and alert you when it goes down. They are essential tools for anyone with a website or blog

If you have a website or blog, what’s the worst thing that can happen? The server going down must rank pretty high. These 3 free apps for Android phones will tell you the minute it happens.

Make sure your phone is secure in public by applying these top tips. How to avoid thieves, hackers and snoopers

Is your phone at risk from hackers, thieves and snoopers when you are out in public? It probably is, unless you have use these 9 ways to secure it. Here is what you need to do to be safe.

Clean up your Android phone's storage to free up space. Optimise the memory and kill apps and tasks in the background for better battery life and faster charging

Many people struggle with the amount of storage on their phones and there is never enough. What can you do? One option is a free clean-up and tune-up tool like Avast Cleanup & Junk Cleaner.