Set up a video monitoring system in your home and watch on your phone

Set up a video surveillance system in your home for security and monitor it using your mobile phone from anywhere. See what’s happening, live on your phone no matter where you are. It’s free and easy!

Block text messages on your phone and stop people or companies pestering you. This example uses Android 6 on a Samsung Galaxy S6

Do you get text messages on your phone from people and companies you don’t know? Adverts, scams, phishing and other text message irritations can easily be blocked on your Android phone.

Best tips for boosting battery life on your Android phone. The biggest guide ever to increasing battery life and reducing battery drain on Android phones

Stop complaining about the battery life of your Android phone and do something about it. Here’s the biggest, most comprehensive guide to reducing battery drain and making your phone last longer.

Tune up and optimise your Android phone by clearing junk files and caches and closing unwanted apps. 3 free tune-up apps on test

If your Android phone is slow and short of storage space and memory, there are some great optimisers that will give it a boost. These three free ones will have your phone running like new.

Discover who is using your wireless network using an Android app on your phone. Scan for intruders!

Do you know all the devices on your Wi-Fi network? Could other people be using it? These Wi-Fi scanners for Android phones tell you which devices are connected and help spot intruders. Increase your security.

Record outdoor activities like walking cycling and running, then analyse your performance

It is not too late to start exercising and to get fit. There are endless phone apps if you need motivating and on test are three activity tracker apps to map and track walks, rides and hikes.

Create exercise goals in Google Calendar and it automatically marks them as done using Google Fit or Apple Health

Google Calendar is great for scheduling appointments, but it does more and you can create goals. Now the mobile app works with Google Fit and Apple Health to manage and track your fitness goals.

Check out these great apps for Android and iOS phones for learning to read music and play an instrument. Learn on the go

Learning to play a musical instrument brings many benefits. Studies, carried out across the world, show that people who play the piano, guitars, and other instruments benefit greatly from doing so. These Android apps can help.

Get paid apps for free using this trick. Works with the Google Play Store and Android apps!

There are bargains in the Google Play Store and for a short time price reductions on certain apps make them a bargain not to be missed. Here’s how to get fantastic full priced apps for free.

Back up your WhatsApp chats and media files and protect them from loss and disaster

If you lose your phone, what would happen to your WhatsApp conversations and media files? If your phone broke, would you lose everything? What if you buy a new phone? Best back up now!

Use Google Photos editing tools to enhance photographs and fix faults like exposure

It isn’t that long since I last looked at Google Photos, but it has changed again and this app is getting some serious attention from Google’s developers. Check out the new and changed features.

Set your Android phone to always connect to the network you want with WiFi Prioritizer

Does your phone sometimes connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network? It can happen when there are two or more available. WiFi Prioritzer for Android lets you choose which one to automatically connect to.

Choose the right camera app for your phone and it could result in much better photos

Can a camera make you a better photographer? Sure. Here are three that enable you to take better photos on your smartphone. Two of them are for fun and one is for serious photographers.

Shoot photos in RAW mode on your phone for better quality images

Are the photos taken on your Android phone bright, colourful and pin sharp? If they aren’t, one way to improve them is to save photos in the RAW file format instead of JPEG. Here’s how to do it.

Earn money to spend in the Google Play Store by answering survey questions

Google makes money from you by analysing your internet activities, displaying adverts and so on. Turn the tables on Google and get the Alphabet company to pay you to use your phone instead.

If you have old printed photos from pre-digital times, wouldn’t it be great if you could transfer them to the computer or store them online as digital snaps. You can with Google PhotoScan.

Google Sprayscape is a fascinating way to create VR-like 360 degree images with your Android phone

Google has a new Android app and it is very unusual and nothing like you have seen before. Sprayscape is a sort of camera app for your phone, but it is unlike any other camera app you have seen.

Edit photos on your phone using the Google Photos app for Android and iOS

The Google Photos app has some great features and you can perform some basic editing like contrast and brightness correction, and you can apply lots of filters. Here’s how to use it on your phone.

Two Drive for Speed car racing games for Android phones reviewed and there is a winner!

There are two Drive for Speed games in the Google Play Store and they are both excellent driving games that get the adrenaline flowing with their speed and excitement, but they are very different.

How to stream music, movies and photos to other devices around the home

Do you have music, videos and photos on your computer? Can you access them on your phone or tablet? Yes you can using DLNA. Here we see how to stream media to your Android device using DLNA apps.