Get fit with the help of running apps on your mobile phone. They work on Android and iOS

There are few things better than a good run. It pumps your blood and for a while you outrun all your worries. Rachel Everly looks at the apps that can help you to get fit.

Security on Android phones need not be a worry. Here are three apps that protect against malware and theft

Malware is everywhere, on the internet on your computer, and possibly even on your smartphone, too. It is a constant worry, but there are plenty of mobile security apps to keep your phone safe. Here are three.

Use Selective Focus mode when taking portrait photos on the Samsung Galaxy phone to blur the background

The iPhone 7 has a new portrait mode that takes pin-sharp photos of people, but blurs the background in a pleasing way. Several Samsung phones have had this feature for ages and here is how to use it.

Keep your phone cool and stop it overheating with these free Android apps |

Have you noticed how warm, hot even, your phone gets sometimes? Heat can be a problem and excessive temperatures can damage the internal components. Here are four Android apps to make your phone cooler.

The best multiplayer games on your mobile for 2016

One of the perks of living in the present times is that you have almost everything you need in your pocket. The times when the phone was used just for conversations are long gone.

Take advantage of new features in Instagram like blocking bad language |

There are some new features in Instagram that can make it safer, less irritating and more fun to use. Have you updated to the latest version of the app? Here are the new features you need to know about.

Where is all your mobile data being used? How to place limits on the the data usage and avoid unexpected bills from your phone service provider.

Mobile phone data plans are becoming more generous, but our data consumption is increasing too. Running out of data is a constant worry, so what can be done to reduce our data needs? Here are some tips.

Install apps on your Android phone remotely by using a web browser on your computer

One of the great features of the Google Play Store is that is allows you to install software on your Android devices remotely. This is a clever trick you should be using and here’s your guide.

The privacy and security of your phone contents is important. Use the Private mode on Samsung Galaxy phones to hide content you don't want others to see -

If you have a fairly recent Samsung phone, there is an option to hide certain content, such as photos, so other people cannot see them. It is a useful privacy feature, but how does it work?

Increase the security of your Android phone by locking the apps on it -

Are you concerned about the security and privacy of your Android phone? I was, but by installing one app it was possible to lock access to any app and feature on the phone. Security problems are over!

Bubble Zoom comes to your favourite comics in Google Play Books

Do you read comics on your Android phone or tablet? Google just solved one of the most annoying problems and Bubble Zoom makes comics 100% better. Here’s how it works on your device.

Keep your children safe - top apps and advice

Some people lament the technological age and how the children of today are glued to their tablets and phones, but these devices can offer more than just entertainment. With the right app, you can actually use the smartphones to keep your children safe. The world is a dangerous place, but these five apps will provide you with important information that just might save your child’s life.

Two free music streaming apps for Android

There are some excellent free music streaming services like Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer and others, but if you want music without the subscription, here are two free apps for Android.

Which messaging app from Google should you use?

Google has three instant messaging apps that enable you to chat to friends, relatives and work colleagues - Hangouts, Messenger and Allo. Which im app should you use and why? It is a confusing situation!

Cozi Family Organizer App

There’s a lot involved in running a household. A lot of task lists, calendar events, shopping lists, birthdays and more. Cozi Family Organizer helps you organize your family and household details across multiple devices - Android, iOS and more.

Make sure you get all your jobs done today with these four amazing motivational apps

Successful people tend to have plans, tasks and habits that they stick to. They have discovered what works best for them and they stick to it. These four apps can help you to be successful too.

Switch the Box is a great puzzle game for Android phones. It's free too.

If you like puzzle games on your Android phone, there is a clever one called Switch the Box. Not to be confused with switch the Box or Swap The Box. Actually they are all fun.

Take control of the mobile data used by your Android phone

The amount of data used by our phone is a constant worry because there is usually a limit to the amount we can use. Check the data usage for each app and stop the worst offenders.

Running out of storage space on your Android phone? Explore it and see where it has gone

If you are running a recent version of Android you have access to a file explorer that can be used to dig deep into the phone or tablet filing system. Use it to discover normally hidden files and folders.