Discover great music using your Android phone

When you hear music playing in the background while shopping, on the radio, in an advert on TV and other places, how do you find out what it is without an app? All you need is Google!

Is your mobile phone secure? Malwarebytes Anti-malware for Android could keep the bad apps out of your phone

The huge size of the phone and tablet market makes it a tempting target for Android malware authors, scammers and criminals. Here is a free utility to protect your Android device.

Clear out the trash and keep it clean, you know it makes sense!

If you are lucky enough to have Android 6 Marshmallow on your Phone or tablet, there is a new feature that enables apps to be uninstalled without going through settings. It is quick and easy.

There is a hard way and an easy way to set alarms on your Android phone. Guess which one you are using! Most people are setting them the hard way, so here’s a quick guide to make it super quick and simple.

One of the easiest ways to personalise your digital watch is to customise the band. Google has just announced a collection of new MODE bands for Android Wear in partnership with Hadley Roma.

There are lots of brain training apps for your mobile phone or tablet and they are great fun to play. On test is one called Memorado and it is free for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Do you have too many apps on your phone? Some of them may bot be necessary.

People often complain that there is no room left on their phone to install apps and that it is running slowly and badly. There are many reasons for this and one is that you simply have the wrong apps.

Android apps normally run in full screen mode and you can only use one app at a time. However, some phones are able to run apps in a sort of window mode, a bit like the way computers work. Here’s how.

It has taken a while, but Android 6, Marshmallow, has finally arrived on top end mobile phones. It is time to make use of the new features in this updated operating system and one you should try is Now on Tap.

Are you a writer longing for more freedom and portability? Google Docs has captured my writer’s heart: it's free, robust, and turns my phone into a word processor I can use anywhere.

With these five Go apps for your Android phone you can play go and hone your skills. Soon you’ll be able to challenge Google’s AlphaGo. Well, maybe not, but they are fun to play and you'll learn a lot.

Google has announced the next version of Android and although we don’t yet have a name, there is beta available. You don’t need the beta and you can use its top features right now.

Speed and battery life are the two of the most important issues for mobile phone users and there is never enough of either commodity. There are tools that can help though. On test are two free apps.

Mobile phones are complicated and faults with them are quite common, but what is the most common type of fault of all with Android phones? You will be shocked by the answer and the solution.

There are over 1.5 million apps in the Google Play Store. How many can you find? Using the Play Store app, probably no more than a couple of hundred. Intel App Finder aims to help.

Your Android phone could be lacking the security it needs to keep you safe. This guide shows how to check the settings and configure them to increase your security and privacy. Do it now!

MazarBOT is a a new type of malware that has been discovered attacking Android phones, but the odd thing is, you are safe if you live in Russia. If you are not a resident, be wary of text messages with links.

There are many apps for mobile phones that enable you to track your activities. In this article I look at two, one running on Android and the other on iOS - Sports Tracker and Walkmeter They are both typical of the genre.

I'm a nonfiction article writer, but unlike other writers I work on a mobile phone instead of a powerful computer with a feature-packed word processor. And I’ve found the perfect app for the job.

Notifications on your phone can become an irritation and a distraction at times. Silence Gmail notifications on your Android phone except for important messages and get fewer distractions.