• Best scanner apps for the iPhone in 2017 - easy and free!

    Scanners are available for your computer, but sometimes you aren't in the office or at home and you need to save a document, receipt or other printed item. In these cases you can turn your iPhone into a scanner and save to PDF files.

  • How to put the Google Keep app on the iPhone Today view

    The Google Keep app is a fine tool for storing notes and it has a feature you might not be aware of. You can add it to the iPhone’s Today screen and record voice notes with a swipe and a tap.

  • 8 productivity apps you should download today

    Smartphones and tablets have become a growing need for a society from kids to adults; one can’t imagine a life without one. We are in a habit of using smartphones almost every minute of the day.

  • How to boost your mobile security and ensure data safety

    Data security has always been a major issue in this digital age. Whether it’s for personal or corporate use, having all your confidential information safe is a must.

  • Refuel the gas tank without going to the gas station

    With the advances of technology many changes have happened in many industries, but the way we fill vehicles with gas/petrol is the same old practice that was followed one hundred years before, writes Anand Rajendran.

  • Convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets on your iPhone

    PDF is the standard file format for distributing documents, but it is not always the best or the most convenient one. What if you want to edit data or analyse it? Just convert it to Excel on your iPhone!.

  • How to use ink on your iPad screen with Word and OneNote

    Microsoft wants you to draw with ink on your iPad and Android phone and tablet. Ink is a hot new technology from the Redmond company and it is now in the Word, OneNote and other Office apps.

  • Check out these essential points before buying bluetooth headsets

    Are you thinking about buying a Bluetooth headset? What sort of features should you be looking for? Here is some advice and buying tips to help you make your decision. It is essential reading.

  • 4 Android apps to build the habits of successful people

    Successful people tend to have plans, tasks and habits that they stick to. They have discovered what works best for them and they stick to it. These four apps can help you to be successful too.

  • Photos and fonts tricks in OneNote on the iPhone

    Apple Notes is not the only notes app on the iPhone and Microsoft OneNote is pretty good. Are you keeping up with the latest OneNote tweaks and additions? Here are tips for photos and fonts.

  • A fresh look at Apple News app for iPhone and iPad

    Apple News for iOS has been around for some time now and it has been tweaked and seen a few minor updates making it better than the original launch app. Let’s take a fresh look at it.

  • Create goals and find time for tasks with Google Calendar

    We all have things we would like to do, like go to the gym, learn a new language, spend time with people and so on. If you can never find the time, Try creating goals in Google Calendar.

  • Be more creative by writing anywhere with Google Docs

    Are you a writer longing for more freedom and portability? Google Docs has captured my writer’s heart: it's free, robust, and turns my phone into a word processor I can use anywhere.

  • The best Android app for writers working on the go

    I'm a nonfiction article writer, but unlike other writers I work on a mobile phone instead of a powerful computer with a feature-packed word processor. And I’ve found the perfect app for the job.

  • Track your expenses with Pocket Expenses for iPhone

    We all know that we should watch our spending and be careful with our money, but somehow this never seems to happen. Here we see how to monitor your spending and income with Pocket Expense Personal Finance for the iPhone.

  • Save whiteboards, documents and receipts with Office Lens

    Office Lens is a free mobile app from Microsoft that enables you to save documents, business cards, whiteboards, receipts and similar items to your phone and online. Scan and save everything!

  • Create stunning graphic designs on your iPad

    Canva is both an iPad app and an online tool for creating impressive designs. With a few taps you can design a wide range of items and it is a very easy app to use. If you lack the design skills or tools to draw something from scratch, Canva will enable you to create what you need.

  • Scan receipts to OneNote with Windows Phone

    OneNote is a an excellent utility for storing all sorts of information and it can be accessed everywhere - on the web, Windows PCs and Apple Macs, and mobile phones. Office Lens is a free app for Windows phone that enables you to scan receipts, documents and whiteboards and store them in OneNote.

  • Microsoft Office for Android

    The big news this week was the launch of Microsoft Office for the iPad, but there was an equally important release that didn’t get as much attention and that is Office for Android. It is now free for home users and it is well worth getting.

  • Scan documents with TurboScan for iOS

    Scanners are useful gadgets for turning paper-based documents into computer files such as images and PDFs. The problem is that sometimes you could do with a scanner, but you don’t have one. For example, you may be out and need to scan a document or a receipt and the only scanner you have is back at the office or at home. What can you do? TurboScan for iOS devices is one possible solution.