• How to save photos and videos from Instagram - the apps you need

    There are some brilliant photos and videos on Instagram, but how do you save them? Saving content to your phone to view later requires extra tools. Here are two that will do the job.

  • Remotely monitor your home with streaming video cameras on your phone

    Set up a video surveillance system in your home for security and monitor it using your mobile phone from anywhere. See what’s happening, live on your phone no matter where you are. It’s free and easy!

  • How to block unwanted text messages on your Android phone

    Do you get text messages on your phone from people and companies you don’t know? Adverts, scams, phishing and other text message irritations can easily be blocked on your Android phone.

  • How to back up your WhatsApp chats, photos and videos for safety

    If you lose your phone, what would happen to your WhatsApp conversations and media files? If your phone broke, would you lose everything? What if you buy a new phone? Best back up now!

  • How to use the new features in iPhone Messages and have fun

    Phone apps and the operating system are constantly changing and it is easy to miss new features and functions. Here are some great new additions to the iPhone Messages app. Do you know them all?

  • Great new Instagram features you should be using right now

    There are some new features in Instagram that can make it safer, less irritating and more fun to use. Have you updated to the latest version of the app? Here are the new features you need to know about.

  • Make sense of Google’s three phone messaging apps

    Google has three instant messaging apps that enable you to chat to friends, relatives and work colleagues - Hangouts, Messenger and Allo. Which im app should you use and why? It is a confusing situation!

  • Check out these essential points before buying bluetooth headsets

    Are you thinking about buying a Bluetooth headset? What sort of features should you be looking for? Here is some advice and buying tips to help you make your decision. It is essential reading.

  • Forward messages and whole conversations on the iPhone

    Do you know how to forward a message to someone else on the iPhone? How about forwarding a whole conversation consisting of multiple messages to someone? Here is a step-by-step guide. It’s easy!

  • How to block nuisance calls and scams on your iPhone

    Do you get marketing calls on your iPhone? Do callers pester you with offers of products and services you don’t want? Why not block them so they can’t call again? Here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Use a better text messaging app on your Android phone

    Do you use the default app on your Android phone for text messaging? Other apps are available that can replace the built in app and you might find them easier, more convenient to use and have more features too.

  • Create mobile shortcuts to your favourite forums

    Social media websites are not the only places to chat, make friends, have discussions and get help. There are some great forums too. Here’s how to create a shortcut on your phone or tablet to open your favourite forum.

  • Going on holiday? Set a Gmail vacation response on the iPad

    HolidayToday's smartphones mean you are never unreachable and people can call, send text messages, send instant messages, and email you. anytime anywhere You can be on a beach lying in the sun and still be in touch with work contacts, friends and so on. Don't forget the away message though...

  • Padgram is the perfect alternative to Instagram on iPad

    It is a mystery why after all these years there still isn’t an iPad version of Instagram. It is only available for the iPhone, which is really irritating. Fortunately, there are alternatives and Padgram is one of the best, and it is free.

  • The best email app – CloudMagic vs myMail

    There are numerous options when it comes to email on your Android phone. Google Mail is the obvious choice, but your phone may come with another general email app and there are dozens in the app store. Which is best?

  • Configure iOS Mail swipe actions on the iPhone

    The Mail app in IOS on the iPhone and iPad has a useful swipe function that enables you to quickly deal with email in your inbox. You probably were not aware of this, but you can actually configure the swipe options.

  • Switch to the new Outlook app for email

    Microsoft recently released a new email app and it is more modern and in some ways has superior features to the old app. You should switch from the old Outlook.com to the new Outlook. It is a bit confusing having two apps with almost the same name that access the same email account, but there is really no need to keep the old app and it can be uninstalled.

  • Ditch Google Hangouts and switch to Messenger

    Google seems to be duplicating apps these days and there are two email apps, Gmail and Inbox, and two messaging apps, Hangouts and Messenger. The big question is whether the company will eventually phase out the old apps and force people to use the new ones. For now though, you can choose to use either apps for email and messaging. Should you switch from Hangouts to Messenger?

  • The dark side of Facebook’s anonymous chat Rooms

    Rooms is a sort of throwback to the early days of the internet, perhaps even to bulletin boards before the internet existed. It is an app for iOS devices like the iPhone that people can use to create chat rooms. Unlike modern social networking services like Facebook, Twitter and others, Rooms is anonymous and that could be a problem.

  • Does iMessage send SMS on the iPhone?

    Everyone who has an iPhone will be familiar with the Messages app on the iPhone, but did you know that it can send instant messages over the internet, and SMS and MMS messages over the phone network? How do you know which typer of message you are sending? Will it cost money to send a message to someone? Here’s how to find out.