• Join a worldwide 3D tank battle with the Iron Force app

    3D tank battle games date back to Atari Battlezone in 1980 and that original game was a classic. Iron Force for the iPad, iPhone and Android devices is even more exciting. If you like this type of game it is definitely one to add to your collection.

  • Command an army in Modern Conflict 2 for Android

    Modern Conflict for AndroidTwo years after the original Modern Conflict comes Modern Conflict 2, which updates the old real-time strategy war game with new battles and new features. It’s a brilliant action-packed game for your phone or tablet.

  • Play Cliffy Jump on your phone for fun and frustration

    There are a number of games for your phone that are super simple, very hard, frustrating, yet lots of fun. Flappy Bird and Crossy Road are two examples, and now Cliffy Jump. It's fast, addictive and entertaining.

  • Arrow is a game that will torment you with its simplicity

    Remember Snake on the old and classic Nokia 3310 phone? Arrow is like a modern version of that, with a few twists and turns. It is fast paced, highly addictive and frustratingly difficult. You won’t be able to stop playing.

  • Play Disney Pixar Inside Out on your phone or tablet

    Inside Out is the latest animated movie from Disney Pixar, creators of Frozen and other great movies and there is a fantastic app to go with it that will have you hooked from the start. You won’t be able to put it down!

  • Brickies is a modern remake of a classic game - which one?

    Some of the best games are the oldest and the simplest and they don’t get much older and simpler than the one that Brickies is based on. Can you guess? Brickies contains bricks, balls and bats and is great fun.

  • Some people just cannot stop playing Fallout Shelter

    Fallout Shelter is one of the latest games to be highlighted by Apple in the App Store and it is (or was) an Editor’s Choice. The app has very quickly gained popularity and looks like a must-have game for your iPhone or iPad.

  • Battle your way to the top with Rival Kingdoms app

    If you have played games like DomiNations on iOS and Android, you should check out Space Ape Games Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin. It has a similar theme, but there are significant differences and its gameplay will have you hooked.

  • Fun retro arcade action on your phone with Tadpole Tap

    Have you ever played as a tadpole in a game? Have you ever eaten flies? In this fun, fast-paced game for both Android and iOS phones and tablets you get to do both.

  • Build a city and an army then dominate the world with Dominations

    If you like the sort of game where you build a city, train troops, build an army, then go and battle other players, you should add Dominations to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet.

  • Retro action on your iPhone and iPad with Velocispider

    What do you get if you cross a velociraptor with a spider? The answer is a velocispider, which combines the best of both creatures. Plus, it has a huge gun on its head. It is a silly idea of course, but Velocispider is a lot of fun.

  • Brain training – Peak vs Brain Yoga

    I have covered brain training apps twice before and have examined four apps for iOS and Android. I make no excuse for covering two more brain training apps and you simply cannot have too many. In order to have a healthy, active brain you need to spend as much time exercising it as you do the rest of your body at the gym.

  • Build a thriving town with a farm at its centre

    There are many farming games and many city building games for iOS and Android. Township takes elements from both types of games and blends them into something familiar, but also slightly different. It is not pure farming or pure city building and you get to do a bit of both. I have been playing Township on the iPad for the past week, although an Android version is available too.

  • 2 Cars for iOS and Android will drive you nuts!

    Remember Flappy Bird? It was an infuriatingly simple, yet maddeningly difficult game that was incredibly addictive. It was nothing really and could be knocked up in an afternoon by a reasonably competent programmer. 2 Cars is similarly exasperating and its simplicity, difficulty an addictiveness will appeal to Flappy Bird fans.

  • Brain training – Elevate vs Mind Games

    There is an old saying, ‘Use it or lose it’. Well, you won’t lose your mind, but unless you exercise it, it will weaken and become slow at thinking, reasoning, logic and mental arithmetic. Brain training games can improve your mind and keep it sharp. The more you use it, the better it will be here are two popular brain training apps that run on both Android and iOS, Elevate and Mind Games.

  • Build a steam-powered Transport Empire

    Transport Empire is a free game that runs on just about anything – iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets and even Facebook. It takes you back to the early days of steam trains, steam boats and airships, and you must build and manage cities and transport systems, and accumulate lots of money. I am playing the iPad version and it is a lot of fun.

  • Retry is as frustrating as Flappy Bird, but more fun

    Flappy Bird was one of the success stories of the year and as soon as the app for iOS and Android devices it took off, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of clones were made. Even now, a search for Flappy Bird in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store will result in lots of clones.

  • Classic platform gaming with Atom Run for iOS and Android

    The platform game dates back to the early 1980s home computers, but it can be just as much fun now as it was way back then. Atom Run is classic gaming with a new twist, it is fast, has great graphics and puzzles to challenge your skills.

  • Train your brain - Lumosity vs Fit Brains

    Some people say that the brain is like a muscle and like any other muscle, if you exercise it, it will improve. It won’t get physically larger like other muscles do, but it will become more efficient and you can increase your brain power. Lumosity and Fit Brains are two competing brain training apps for Android that are designed to make you smarter.

  • Android review: Colonies vs Empire

    Colonies vs Empire

    Who remembers Age of Empires on the PC? It was released in 1997 and there were several follow-up titles over the years. Colonies vs Empire is similar and it is a real-time strategy game that involves building a city and an army. The army can be purely for defence or you can attack and plunder neighbouring cities. The way you play is up to you.