• Install Android apps on your PC or Mac

    The Google Play App Store for Android users is packed with great apps and it is fun to browse the titles and install them. However, it isn't ideal browsing the store on a small screen, such as with a mobile phone. You don't have to because you can browse the store on your computer instead.

  • How accurately does your phone locate you?

    Another question is, does it need to locate you as accurately as it does? The answer is, probably not. Your phone could be working hard to determine where in the world you are down to the nearest few meters, but is this just a waste of processing power and battery life? Most of the time, yes.

  • Recover lost storage on the iPad and gain more memory


    An odd situation occurred today and all it started with an update to iOS that could not be installed because there was insufficient storage on my iPad. It resulted in a search to discover where the storage had disappeared to and the answer was surprising and if you think you know how to solve this, you are probably wrong. I don’t know whether it was a bug or feature, but it was weird.

  • Manage iCloud backups on the iPhone

    Filing cabinetes

    You may not have realised it, but your iPhone is probably automatically backing everything up online using iCloud. Apple provides 5GB for free, but how much are you using? Are you near your limit? How can you reduce your usage? Let’s take a look.

  • Misbehaving apps cause excessive battery drain


    Poor battery life on your mobile phone is a constant problem and it affects a lot of people. Some owners cannot get through a whole day without connecting their phone to a charger. What is wrong and what is the solution to high battery drain and short battery life? It could actually be caused by almost anything, so let's take a look at a couple of typical cases.

  • Stop Facebook using excessive battery and bandwidth


    There have been many reports that Facebook could be the cause of excessive battery drain on both iPhones and Android phones. Yes it could be, but it doesn’t have to be and it may be using too much battery power simply because the settings aren’t the optimum for battery life. Similarly, it may use excessive amounts of data, pushing you over your contract limit. Once again, it could be just that the settings aren’t the best.

  • Stop glgps draining the battery on Android

    Battery indicator

    Some people have been experiencing excessive battery drain with their Android tablet or phone even though they haven’t been using it. It can happen overnight and there is a full charge when they go to bed, but in the morning the battery is nearly drained. Looking at the battery usage, an item called glgps seems to be sucking up all the battery juice. What is it and how do you stop glgps draining the battery?

  • Save space on your phone with mobile shortcuts

    Unless you have the luxury of owning a phone or tablet with 32GB or more of memory, it is quite likely that you are short of space. It is easy to run out of space on a 16GB phone or tablet, and if the device is only 8GB you need to think about some serious memory saving techniques. Here is one tip for saving space on your phone or tablet.

  • KitKat upgrade deletes apps

    It seems a long time ago when Android 4.4 - KitKat - was launched, but some people are only just getting their upgrade. Of course, it all depends on the phone or tablet manufacturer rather than Google and my Samsung Galaxy S4 has only just been updated today.

  • Use reading mode on Samsung phones and tablets

    The Samsung Galaxy S4 and some other Samsung phones and tablets have a reading mode. This feature is a little puzzling and you might wonder what it is and how to use it. In a nutshell, it simply makes reading easier on the eye.

  • Get a new phone or tablet for free

    A new smartphone or tablet is exciting to use at first and it has a great interface, lots of memory for storing apps, photos, music and videos, and a speedy processor. After a year or two it doesn't seem so great. It is slow, bloated with apps, and you are running out of memory. Where did it all go wrong?