• Three great music learning apps for phones to improve your skills

    Learning to play a musical instrument brings many benefits. Studies, carried out across the world, show that people who play the piano, guitars, and other instruments benefit greatly from doing so. These Android apps can help.

  • How do I stream media from my computer to my phone or tablet?

    Do you have music, videos and photos on your computer? Can you access them on your phone or tablet? Yes you can using DLNA. Here we see how to stream media to your Android device using DLNA apps.

  • 2 free music apps for Android with unlimited free music

    There are some excellent free music streaming services like Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer and others, but if you want music without the subscription, here are two free apps for Android.

  • Download radio stations and play them offline on the iPhone

    When you want to listen to streaming radio stations on your iPhone, but don’t want to run up large data bills the best solution is to download them and save them for offline listening.

  • Find out what music is playing without an app on Android

    When you hear music playing in the background while shopping, on the radio, in an advert on TV and other places, how do you find out what it is without an app? All you need is Google!

  • Simple Radio vs Orange Radio Android music streaming

    Radio is a free alternative to streaming music subscription services and there are numerous apps for smartphones that enable you to tune in a listen to great music. Simple Radio and Orange Radio are two competitors. Which is best?

  • How to use Microsoft’s free music streaming service

    Did you know that Microsoft has a free music streaming service? You can play music on your computer, on your phone, anywhere! All your favourite tracks can be streamed to you on the go using your phone for free, but how?

  • Apple Music reboots Ping and calls it Connect

    Remember Ping? Don’t worry if you don’t because few people have heard of it these days. A few years ago it was Apple’s attempt to create a social network based around music artists. Now it is back with a new name as part of Apple Music.

  • Switch to Google Play Music on the iPhone and iPad

    If you have an iPhone or iPad you probably use the iTunes Store app to buy music and the Music app to play it. However, this is not the only way to buy and play music on iOS devices. There is an alternative.

  • Podcast Republic vs Podcast Addict - which is best for Android?

    There are tens of thousands of podcasts to listen to on your mobile phone or tablet and they can be funny and entertaining, educational and instructive, packed with news and comment, and much more. If you like listening to podcasts, here are two of the best around and a comparison of their features and ease of use. Which is best, Podcast Republic or Podcast Addict?

  • Recover lost storage on the iPad and gain more memory


    An odd situation occurred today and all it started with an update to iOS that could not be installed because there was insufficient storage on my iPad. It resulted in a search to discover where the storage had disappeared to and the answer was surprising and if you think you know how to solve this, you are probably wrong. I don’t know whether it was a bug or feature, but it was weird.