• Customise the sharing options on the iPhone and add more icons

    Do you share or save interesting web pages when browsing using Safari on the iPhone? Make it simpler and easier to share your web finds by customising the Safari share icons that appear on the menu.

  • How to put the Google Keep app on the iPhone Today view

    The Google Keep app is a fine tool for storing notes and it has a feature you might not be aware of. You can add it to the iPhone’s Today screen and record voice notes with a swipe and a tap.

  • 8 productivity apps you should download today

    Smartphones and tablets have become a growing need for a society from kids to adults; one can’t imagine a life without one. We are in a habit of using smartphones almost every minute of the day.

  • Quick tips for Safari on the iPhone for handling links and shares

    There are so many different taps, swipes and other gestures on the iPhone and iPad that it is hard to remember them all. Here are some tips for using Safari that you should definitely commit to memory.

  • How to use ink on your iPad screen with Word and OneNote

    Microsoft wants you to draw with ink on your iPad and Android phone and tablet. Ink is a hot new technology from the Redmond company and it is now in the Word, OneNote and other Office apps.

  • Organize your Life with the Cozi Family Organizer

    There’s a lot involved in running a household. A lot of task lists, calendar events, shopping lists, birthdays and more. Cozi Family Organizer helps you organize your family and household details across multiple devices - Android, iOS and more.

  • 4 Android apps to build the habits of successful people

    Successful people tend to have plans, tasks and habits that they stick to. They have discovered what works best for them and they stick to it. These four apps can help you to be successful too.

  • Create goals and find time for tasks with Google Calendar

    We all have things we would like to do, like go to the gym, learn a new language, spend time with people and so on. If you can never find the time, Try creating goals in Google Calendar.

  • The easy way to set alarms on your Android phone

    There is a hard way and an easy way to set alarms on your Android phone. Guess which one you are using! Most people are setting them the hard way, so here’s a quick guide to make it super quick and simple.

  • Use Google Now on Tap with your Android phone

    It has taken a while, but Android 6, Marshmallow, has finally arrived on top end mobile phones. It is time to make use of the new features in this updated operating system and one you should try is Now on Tap.

  • New 9.7-inch iPad Pro revealed by Apple

    In an unsurprising move that was widely rumoured, Apple has revealed a new addition to the iPad range and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the baby brother of the iPad Pro launched last year.

  • Be more creative by writing anywhere with Google Docs

    Are you a writer longing for more freedom and portability? Google Docs has captured my writer’s heart: it's free, robust, and turns my phone into a word processor I can use anywhere.

  • Store anything in Notes on your iPhone

    The Notes app on the iPhone and iPad received an upgrade with iOS 9 and it is now better than ever. You can store almost anything on notes from maps to web pages. Here’s how to store anything in Notes.

  • Organise your time and tasks with this free iPhone app

    Does time pass by and at the end of the day you wonder where it has all gone to? You had work or tasks to do, but somehow you never got round to them? The solution is 30/30, a free iPhone app for organising your time.

  • Save whiteboards, documents and receipts with Office Lens

    Office Lens is a free mobile app from Microsoft that enables you to save documents, business cards, whiteboards, receipts and similar items to your phone and online. Scan and save everything!

  • Work faster and smarter with Pomodoro apps for iPhone

    The Pomodoro technique is an interesting and useful way to organise your day and by using it you can get more done in less time. Download a Pomodoro app for your iOS device and work smarter and faster today.

  • Automate actions on your mobile phone with on{X}


    Many actions you perform on your mobile phone are repetitive, such as taking a photo and sharing it, checking in at favourite places, looking up places we are visiting in Wikipedia and so on. There is a well known app called IFTTT (IF This Then That) that automates tasks on mobile phones. Less well known, but more powerful is Microsoft’s on{X}.

  • Exchange notes, files, links between phones, tablets and computers

    Suppose you have a file on your tablet that you want to access on your phone. What if you have taken a photo on your phone and want to edit it on your tablet. How would you send a web link from a phone to a tablet or tablet to a phone? All these activities and more are possible with a free app for Android and iOS called Pushbullet.

  • Train your brain - Lumosity vs Fit Brains

    Some people say that the brain is like a muscle and like any other muscle, if you exercise it, it will improve. It won’t get physically larger like other muscles do, but it will become more efficient and you can increase your brain power. Lumosity and Fit Brains are two competing brain training apps for Android that are designed to make you smarter.

  • Don’t let your iPhone or iPad disturb your sleep

    Sleepy dog

    You know you are addicted to technology and the latest gadgets when you can’t bear to be parted from them, even when you are sleeping. Do you keep your phone or tablet by the bed? Are pesky notifications waking you up in the night? Here is how to get a good night’s sleep.