• Find the best Wi-Fi network settings with this Android app

    Are you having problems with your wireless network? Analysing the Wii-Fi signals could be useful in diagnosing problems and getting a better idea of how it works. WiFi Overview 360 is a free Android app that will do the job.

  • Lock apps on Android to stop people accessing your stuff

    Security and privacy is a constant concern with mobile phones and tablets. Could someone access your contacts, personal information, photos, or run apps and change settings? AppLock will prevent this.

  • Perform actions automatically on your Android phone

    Without realising it, you probably perform certain actions in certain circumstances, such as when you get to work, when you return home, when the battery level falls below a certain level, and so on. Trigger for Android automates those actions.

  • This ingenious iPhone widget monitors space, memory, data

    Space, memory and data usage are the three key system functions that you must monitor on your iPhone and iPad. The question is, what is the best way to do it? Here is a great free widget that does the job nicely.

  • Is your Android phone battery draining too fast? Stop it!

    If you have an Android phone, you probably have a battery problem. They just drain too fast. If you are struggling to make the battery last a full day in your phone, Battery Saver – Free could be the solution.

  • Comodo Security for Android is a mixed bag of features

    Comodo is well known for PC security and like many rivals, it has entered the next big market, mobile security. The company’s Android app has some good features, but also some irritations. It is free though, which is a bonus.

  • Hide your web activities with a VPN for Android

    Every time you connect to the internet you are being tracked and logged. Someone is watching. A VPN can help to limit that activity and adding one to an Android phone or tablet can increase your privacy and security.

  • Optimize your Android phone or tablet with this free tool

    Avira is a company best known for its antivirus and security software. In fact, I was at the Avira website downloading some security software when I spotted Avira Android Optimizer. It looked interesting and was free in the Google Play Store.

  • 5 magnificent mobile websites and app analytics tools

    As time and technology changes rapidly, the demand for mobile compatible websites and apps is increasingly growing. How do you track mobile visitors, sales, benefits, losses and more?

  • Avoid phone disasters with these two backup apps

    If you have an Android phone and are signed into a Google account (who isn’t?), the system will back up account settings, app data, contacts, browser bookmarks, calendar, photos and videos. It does not back up text messages, call logs, and a few other things.

  • Clean your phone's storage to solve problems

    Is your Android mobile phone or tablet slow to use? Is it running out of storage space and memory? Are your getting error message or problems with apps crashing? The cause, at least partly, could be due to junk files cluttering up the system. Here is how to find them and delete them.

  • Avoid unexpected mobile bills with data monitors

    There is nothing worse than getting a huge bill from your mobile operator because you have used more data than you realised. The charges for using more than your allowance can be very high, but these two data monitors can help you to avoid unwanted costs.

  • Create stunning graphic designs on your iPad

    Canva is both an iPad app and an online tool for creating impressive designs. With a few taps you can design a wide range of items and it is a very easy app to use. If you lack the design skills or tools to draw something from scratch, Canva will enable you to create what you need.

  • Stop Android apps auto-starting with 360 Security

    Android has many great features, but also a few irritations too and one of these is apps that run in the background. The more apps you install, the more that hide in the background. There they occupy memory and consume processing power and suck the life out of the battery. What can you do?

  • Stop auto running Android apps with Startup Manager

    Android phones can slow down as more apps are installed and one of the reasons for this is that many apps run in the background. The more you add, the more that run, decreasing the phone or tablet memory and reducing the speed. To make matters worse, many apps automatically start when the phone is started. Startup Manager can help.

  • Find and install battery friendly apps on Android

    Estar Battery Saver is a battery monitoring app for Android phones and tablets that has an unusual feature. It rates apps in the Google Play Store according to how much they drain your battery. This enables you to choose those that use the least power to maximise the length of time your device will last on the battery.

  • Exchange notes, files, links between phones, tablets and computers

    Suppose you have a file on your tablet that you want to access on your phone. What if you have taken a photo on your phone and want to edit it on your tablet. How would you send a web link from a phone to a tablet or tablet to a phone? All these activities and more are possible with a free app for Android and iOS called Pushbullet.

  • Monitor data usage with Onavo Count on Android

    The amount of data their mobile phone uses is a constant worry for some people. The problem is that most contracts have a data limit, sometimes as little as 500MB. There are penalties for using too much data, so Onavo Count will tell you exactly how much you have used and the amount remaining.

  • Clean up and tune up the iPhone and battery

    There are numerous clean up and optimisation apps for Android, and a seemingly never-ending list of battery managers for extending the life of the phone, but where are they for iOS? Why are there so few turn-up apps and battery managers for the iPhone. Does it not need them? Maybe it does.

  • Increase your phone’s battery life with Battery Doctor

    There are lots of battery managers in the Google Play Store and it is a popular category. Is this because it is easy to write battery-saving apps or because lots of people need them? It is probably a bit of both. Battery Doctor is one example of a battery extender that is very popular, with millions of installs.