• Clean up and tune up the iPhone and battery

    There are numerous clean up and optimisation apps for Android, and a seemingly never-ending list of battery managers for extending the life of the phone, but where are they for iOS? Why are there so few turn-up apps and battery managers for the iPhone. Does it not need them? Maybe it does.

  • Increase your phone’s battery life with Battery Doctor

    There are lots of battery managers in the Google Play Store and it is a popular category. Is this because it is easy to write battery-saving apps or because lots of people need them? It is probably a bit of both. Battery Doctor is one example of a battery extender that is very popular, with millions of installs.

  • Reduce memory usage, increase battery life on Android

    Battery life is a constant problem for Android phone users and it just isn’t as good as our iPhone-owning friends. Apple’s battery technology is clearly the best, but a lot of the time, the poor battery life on our Android phone is partly our own fault and it is down to the apps we install. Here’s what you can do.

  • Find your lost phone by whistling!


    I lost my phone at the weekend. I knew it was in the house somewhere, but it wasn't on the table where I usually keep it. Finding it was pretty straightforward...

  • Monitor your website uptime on an iPhone

    If you have a website for your company, blog or hobby, how do you know that it is working? One way to test it is to log on and check it with a browser, of course, but you cannot constantly monitor it. It might be working when you test it, but what about in between visits? Here are four apps for the iPhone that monitor your websites.

  • Check the battery with GSam Battery Monitor

    Blue battery

    Battery usage is a constant worry for mobile device users and phones and tablets never last as long as we would like them to. If only we could get another hour of two use out of our devices they would be much more valuable. GSam Battery Monitor for Android phones and tablets might help you do that.

  • Faster, longer with AVG Battery Saver and Tuneup

    AVG battery indicator

    Near the top of most people’s feature wish list for their mobile phone must surely be a longer life battery and better performance. AVG Battery Saver & Tuneup for Android promises both of those and the app is free on the Google Play Store, so it sounds like a must-have app.