iOS app reviews, tips and features - iPhone and iPad

Review: Four iPhone apps that will make your mouth water with delicious vegan recipes.

There are lots of food and recipe apps in the App Store, but what if you are vegan? Here are four apps aimed at those that are vegan or would like to try it. There's even a 21-day diet plan.

Microsoft's cloud storage app just got better and the latest update has some great features.

Microsoft provides free online storage and a free app to access it from your mobile phone, and it now has even more features than ever. See what’s new in the updated app for the iPhone.

Monitor the CPU, storage and memory usage on the iPhone and iPad with these apps.

Do you want to know what is going on inside your iPhone or iPad. If you are curious about what iOS is doing behind the scenes, these four apps will show you the CPU, RAM, storage and more.

Scan printed photos using an iPhone and store them online in your iCloud Photo Library.

How do you get old photo prints into your Photos library stored on iCloud? Using Google PhotoScan you can transfer old snaps before they fade and discolour with age. Save your photos!

Take control of the content that can be accessed on an iPhone or iPad. Configure it to block unwanted content and set it up for kids.

By configuring a wide range of restrictions you can control what can and cannot be done on an iPhone or iPad. This is useful if there are other people that use your devices, especially children.

Your mission is to save the Earth from destruction by invadin aliens in these great space-based shoot-'em-ups for the iPhone.

Take a break and have fun with these fast paced games for the iPhone and iPad. They are all variations on a theme and it is your task to save the planet from destruction by alien invaders.

Boost the security and safety of the iPhone and iPad by using alternative DNS servers.

DNS servers play a role in the security of the internet and some are more secure than others. This guide shows how to change the DNS servers on your iPhone to make the internet safer to use.

The iPhone and iPad get Microsoft Edge web browser, which is useful for people that have Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft once had the web browser market mostly to itself, but is struggling with Edge in Windows 10. However, Edge for iPhone could boost its use by helping Windows users feel at home.

If you are looking for gift ideas for someone with an iPhone, here are some great ones.

It is the time of year when there are great bargains to be found online and when family and friends are looking for gifts to buy for you. These brilliant iPhone accessories are perfect for anyone.

Take Flyover Tours in the Maps app on the iPhone and see indoor maps of shopping malls and other locations.

Apple Maps has come a long way from when it was launched and it now has some great features that might make you switch back from Google Maps if you haven’t already done so. Check them out.

Top tips to reduce data usage on the iPhone by restricting access to mobile data by selected apps.

Phone contracts are getting more generous and the amount of data that we can use is increasing, but our consumption is also increasing too. Here’s how to limit the amount of data used by apps.

Create drawings on the iPhone and insert them into email messages. Use it to create fun emails.

Did you know that instead of typing your emails, you can write on the iPhone screen with your finger and use drawing tools? Create and send colourful drawings in your emails just for fun!

Monitor your heartbeat before and after exercise with these two iPhone apps and see how fit you are.

Measuring your heart rate is one way to gauge fitness and your iPhone can help by recording measurements and letting you browse your history. You can see yourself getting fitter over time.

Explore the world with Google Earth and see the amazing photos people have taken at places of interest.

Apple Maps is a good app for finding your way around and getting directions, but is it fun? If you want something more entertaining, Google Earth has had some impressive updates recently.

Apple's apps on the iPhone and iPad are good, but there are many alternatives to choose from. Here are some of them.

Apple provides a useful collection of apps with iOS devices, but you don’t have to use them and in some cases there are better alternatives. Let’s take a look at what you can use instead.

Save web pages as PDF files using Safari on the iPhone. Store them in iCloud Drive or Google Drive.

Sometimes you come across a web page that is so useful you want to save it. Bookmarking is an option, but if you want a physical copy you can save it as a PDF on your iPhone to read later.

Scan paper-based documents on the iPhone and store them in the Apple Notes app. Carry your documents in your pocket.

Do you have an app on your iPhone to scan in documents? You no longer need it because the Apple Notes app can scan and save paper documents in Notes. Here's how to scan with Notes on the iPhone.

How to take screenshots on the iPhone and iPad and then draw on them and annotate them using the new screenshot editor in iOS 11.

Most people know how to take a screenshot of the iPhone or iPad screen and the feature has been around for years. Now you can edit them and annotate them too thanks to iOS 11. It’s a great feature.

iPhone game reviews: 3 games for the iPhone are tested and found to be great fun! Take a break and play some games to relax!

Everyone needs a break for work and here are three great games for the iPhone that will keep you entertained for several hours. From dragons to puzzles to digging a mine, join in the fun.

How to prepare an iPhone or iPad for an iOS upgrade by clearing space and making sure there are backups.

iOS 11 is a major upgrade for the iPhone and iPad and no doubt soon after will come service packs. Will the upgrades proceed smoothly without hitches? Yes if you follow these top tips.