The camera on the iPhone is excellent and it is easy to point, tap and shoot high quality video. Apple has an excellent video editing app and iMovie can do all sorts of wonderful things with videos. However, Replay is a different type of video editor and you can have maximum fun for minimum effort.

Replay starts off in a similar way to an ordinary video editor and you are prompted to select videos and photos that have been previously taken and stored on the iPhone. You need a minimum of a couple of each to let Replay do its magic, but you can select up to 200.

The app then processes the video and photos and automatically mixes them into a video with special effects. A title is added, which came from the location they were taken. Video clips are split and mixed, and photos inserted in between them. Photos have Ken Burns style effects (panning and zooming to give the impression of movement in static images).

A style is applied to the video and there are three free ones and many more available as in-app-purchases. The styles include Grammy, Epic, Dandy, Light, Tinted, Toss, Type, Fold, Mingle, Tender and many more. The names will mean nothing, but you can tap each one and view the effect on the video rather like playing with the filters you get with Instagram and other photo apps.

The styles can add special colour and lighting effects, they can make it look like a 1920s black and white movie, they can make resemble a pop video, they can add lens flare, transition effects, and much more.

Replay app . Replay app

It is hard to describe how good these videos come out and it is as if a professional video editor has spent a day working on your clips and photos to produce an exciting mini movie. It is brilliant!

The amount of control you have over the final movie is limited, but sufficient. If you want to spend all day editing movies then iMovie is fine, but if you want to cut the task to five minutes selecting a few key options, Replay is perfect.

The idea is that you offload all the difficult work to Replay. You can select the source movies and photos, and rearrange the order in which they are used with press and drag. There is a trim and crop tool that enables the start and end of each clip to be set, and this is useful for removing unwanted material.

Music is automatically added, but a few alternatives are provided. Any music track stored on your iPhone can be selected and added to the movie. The format of the movie can be widescreen or square and there is an option to make it fit Instagram, which allows for 15-second movies.

Replay app for iOS . Replay app for iOS

The pace of the movie can be changed and there are Slower and Faster options. This alters the length of scenes and photos, making them longer or shorter.

The final result can be saved to the iPhone’s Camera Roll or shared on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, WhatsApp and Instagram. The only feature missing is a video quality setting and an HD option. Square videos I made were 640 x 640 and widescreen were 1280 x 720.

There is a Replay community and you can publish your movies for others to see and there is an Inspiration tab where you can view the movies created by other members. There are some great movies there.

Replay takes all the work out of creating superb, fast paced movies with lots of special effects to grab the viewer’s attention. It can take a group of ordinary video clips and photos and turn them into a really exciting movie. It is one of the best apps I have tried for a while.

Price: Free
Version: 2.6
Size: 89 MB
iOS: 7.1 and up
Rating: 5/5